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4 Questions to Test if your Sales & Prospecting Tactics are Ethical


Do other people stand to gain from your sales tactics and actions? Do your sales tactics and actions have a positive influence on your own and others’ well-being and self-esteem? Do your sales tactics and actions move you and your customer closer to your respective short- and long-term goals? Would most people approve of how […]

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We all want better sales performance, but what works best?


Most of us will agree that as sales leaders we want better and more consistent sales performance. The approaches on how to get there, however, vary greatly. Some tactics offer a temporary lift in sales while other strategies deliver more sustainable changes and lifts in performance over the long term. We’ve outlined three different approaches […]

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The alarming findings about the Peter Principle & Sales Managers

Have you ever worked with someone who was really effective in one role but then promoted to other roles, usually management, and ended having no idea and no real capacity to fulfil that role in a competent manner? Chances are your answer is ‘yes’. This is a common occurrence in many organisations where people are […]

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I’m really frustrated because we could all achieve magnificent sales results if only…

I-am-really-frustrated-because-we-could-al- achieve-magnificent-sales-results-if-only

I am, by nature, a realist optimist who looks at what we can do, how we can make things better and so on. But I don’t do things on a whim, my team and I study what is best practice and look to design, build and weave the various ingredients together to create cost effective, […]

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Sales Trend 9 – Learning Agility


Sales trend 9 from our 12 Sales Trends Report for 2017 explores how salespeople can navigate the difficult situation of being in a complex sales environment and the need to simplify things for their clients. Salespeople traditionally find themselves in conflicting spaces. A classic situation is the challenge to bring the diverging interests of clients […]

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‘How to manage and help salesmen’ – valuable lessons from 1960


You might be taken aback by the sexist nature of the title of this article ‘How to manage and help salesmen’. However, if you take into account that this title comes from a book written in 1960 by Charles B. Roth you might be a bit more forgiving. I was given this book by my […]

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2017 Sales Trend 6 – Where are All the High Performance Sales Coaches?


Sales Trend 6 from our 12 Sales Trends for 2017 report is about sales coaching. This sales trend focuses on how sales coaching is still lagging behind business coaching as a standard business discipline, but how the best sales leaders are using coaching to transform their sales teams and sales performances to maximise success. So […]

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The power of Sales Process Maps to deliver best sales practice


Most new salespeople are thrown in the deep end when it comes to sales induction. “Here go out with Josephine, our best sales person and be like her.” Most salespeople, in general, are given no articulated sales process which means there’s nothing specific to be coached or trained to or to follow. In sales teams […]

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Sales Trend 1 – New Metrics


Sales Trend 1 from our 12 Sales Trends for 2017 report is about sales metrics. What do we measure now? When we talk about sales metrics we usually think units, volumes, quota, members signed, calls made. Generally speaking, these metrics would have been put in place in an organisation at the time that the sales […]

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2016 Sales Trend 11 – The Renaissance Sales Manager

Sales Trend 11 for our 12 Sales Trends Report for 2016 is The Renaissance Sales Manager. The logic follows that senior executives determine the Grand Strategy for the entire business, divisional executives determine what strategy they need for the segments they service so as to make the grand strategy work, and then sales managers need […]

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