Industry: Hairdresser/Beauty salons Type: Private/SME

Key Achievements

  • Comfortel now has focused Sales Messaging including a compelling Philosophy, Business of the Business Statement and Value Proposition (VP) the sales team have adopted and use to easily differentiate the business from competitors and win more sales
  • The Sales Team is following the customised Comfortel sales process and effectively applying client centric sales tools and engagement techniques resulting in them easily winning larger and more profitable sales with clients while reducing or eliminating the need to discount
  • By having a clearly articulate sales strategy, sales messaging, sales process and sales success profile complete with job specification, sales competency checklist and behavioural interview questions as well as access to online sales training, the managing director was well equipped to easily and quickly recruit, induct and train his new salesperson for the new Singapore operation and get them selling better, faster.

Business Challenge

Comfortel is a leading furniture and equipment supplier to the hair and beauty industry in Australia and New Zealand.

  • The challenge was to stop the constant climate of discounting, drive up the size of each sales opportunity and have a more cohesive, consistent and focused sales teams
  • In early 2017, Barrett began working with the Managing Director and Sales Operations Manager to build the Strategy, Process and People foundations for Comfortel Selling Better Culture in preparation to roll out to the sales team in August 2017
  • This assignment is being implemented in 4 phases starting in April 2017:
    • Phase 1 – Initial 1 day sales strategy, sales messaging and sales process development plus Sales Success Profile build
    • Phase 2 – Sales skills training workshop including launch of new messaging and sales process in August 2017
    • Phase 3 – Sales team begin online sales training and tele-coaching plus attend best practice workshop 12 weeks later
    • Phase 4 – In 2018 there will be ongoing training (classroom and online) and training of managers in how to coach


  • Sales revenues and profits growing in all regions; drastic reduction in discounting; increased growth in size of sales
  • Sales teams much more confident and competent with clear demonstration of application of sales skills leading to better sales
  • Lift in out bound and field sales activities, better prospecting and qualifying of opportunities and better activity management


“This Selling Better Project and sales training is fundamentally changing how we sell for the better. Sue really challenges us and makes us think; she takes us outside our comfort zone, stretches us but it really works. It’s amazing.
We are seeing continued increases in sales, huge reduction in discounting, increased confidence in the team and happier customers.
This is not just an event for us, we will be continuing our journey with Barrett to keep us sales fit in 2018.”

Barry SingerManaging Director, Comfortel