Industry: Building/Construction Type: Private/Medium size

Key Achievements

  • A more confident and better equipped sales team prepare to work with the right people
  • More clarity of purpose and targeted approach to market
  • Much more efficient sales and marketing efforts

Business Challenge

Client in the building industry selling its products across commercial and multi-residential high-rise markets as well as into the new home builder markets with a myriad of sub and micro-segments within each of these segments. The client’s sales team were going with the same value proposition to all of the new home building sub-segments and getting nowhere.

In two separate sessions with the executive leadership team:

  • We defined each business and what these types of businesses really valued and what they would be looking for in a supplier
  • 3 out of the 4 sub-segments valued very different things even though our client company was selling the same product
  • We discovered that in one of the 4 sub-segments there was only a specific micro-segment that our client was able to sell to


  • Change in how the sales and marketing teams engaged with these sub-segments
  • Still having and overarching value proposition, we created specific value propositions for each sub-segment
  • Redefined the different roles our client company needed to engage with within each sub-segment, bringing clarity to the issues and priorities to be addressed