In the classroom, online, in the field or a hybrid mix, we offer learning journeys and experiences that help your people sell better, faster.

Working Remotely

As a sales consulting and education firm with an online training platform all of our work can be done remotely. In fact, we have been working with clients interstate and overseas that way for a while now. We’re here to continue to support you. Our meetings are done over Zoom/Teams (we have been doing this even with local clients for environmental reasons. We run workshops and coaching session over Zoom/Teams as well (with the advantage that you can record them and re-watch later). Our sales curriculum is all online.

Training to cultivate empowered sales teams

It’s critical that sales teams are skilful, knowledgeable and mindful when it comes to selling better. But it’s not just about training individuals. Selling is also a team sport where collaboration and adaptability play a central role. Everybody in an organisation, regardless of their role, should have a basic understanding of good sales practices and how to sell. That’s why we train and coach anyone from customer service teams to experienced sales professionals in ethical human-centred sales and service practices.

We are an experienced team of qualified business, sales and education professionals specialising in designing and delivering high quality sales training and education that works. Our combination of long term learning strategies and versatile, hybrid learning solutions supports the development of highly skilled and high performing sales teams.

University grade sales training with Sales Essentials

Sales Essentials is both an online learning platform and a sales training program – the first in Australia to achieve a university qualification. It offers a targeted set of sales training courses – classroom and online – and is suited to all levels of expertise, from beginner to executive. With Sales Essentials, students gain effective and practical foundations training in sales skills, thinking and processes. For business leaders, the course develops empowered, high performance sales teams

Explore our suite of topics and programs

A customised curriculum of sales skills and techniques, delivered in the classroom, infield or online.

  • Sales, Territory & Account Planning
  • Prospecting & New Business Development Skills & Strategies
  • Consultative & Solution Selling
  • Strategic Conversations
  • Selling Professional Services – RAIN Making Program
  • Ethics & Philosophy of Selling
  • Selling Better in the 21st Century
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Internal Sales Essentials
  • Versatile Communication Skills
  • Personal Brand
  • Selling is a Team Sport
  • Principles & Basics of CRM
  • Sales Essentials Transformation Program
  • Diploma of Business SUT (Sales)
  • Strategic & Key Account Management (KAM) Topics
    Integrated KAM programs for strategic, key and large accounts with multiple stakeholders using key account strategies, tactics, plans and tools.
  • Best Practice Sessions
    Build team culture and drive better performance outcomes by getting your sales team together on a regular basis to discuss and map ‘best practice’.
  • Conferences & Fire Brigade Sessions
    If you are not sure what to deliver or how to deliver a key initiative to your team, we can design a workshop, program or conference that delivers your required outcomes.

Speak to us about your sales training needs.

Talk to us, your selling better advisory team, and we’ll be able to advise you on the best training solution for your business.

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