The Selling Better approach is all about creating better sales practices and systems, and forging new ways of doing business and being prosperous together. It underpins all that we do at Barrett.

What is the selling better approach?

Our Selling Better approach is an ethical, human-centred sales ethos coupled with a state-of-the-art, adaptive sales strategy and operating system that transforms how sales teams and the broader business use the function of sales to:

  • Create genuine client centric cultures
  • Deliver competitive and sustainable sales growth strategies
  • Build and retain viable and profitable client relationships
  • Find new uncontested markets while minimising execution risk

We bring a well-researched systems thinking approach to sales that includes a complete selling system which is engineered for growth, not personality driven. This is deliberate as we need leaders in business to shift their thinking away from seeing training as the ONLY solution to selling better, to seeing the right training programs as A part of the solution.

We are not your typical sales gurus either. Instead we are best known as Selling Better advisors, coaches, trainers, activists, innovators, change agents and trailblazers who have been studying, researching, codifying, modelling, promoting and educating people on a better, human-centred approach to selling since 1995.

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Human-centred, ethical selling is a better and more sustainable way of doing business, in the short and long term. We are putting humanity back on the corporate map and endorse buying and selling experiences that treat people with dignity and respect.

  • Sue Barrett, Selling Better Movement founder, advocate & activist

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Barrett understands that leading and managing a sales team and its operation is about managing a complex variable system that requires constant attention and considered action. We know that Sales Teams and Operations do not follow a predictable straight line.

Throwing our salespeople in the deep end and expecting them to sell better with no clear strategy, no value proposition or articulated sales process, limited training or no ongoing support, or a ‘customer phobic’ value chain is madness.

This is why we take a systems thinking approach to selling better.

We know Selling Better is about creating a Selling Better Operating System that works in a coordinated manner with your business across four core pillars: Strategy, Process, People and Culture.

Our Selling Better System includes:

  1. An ethical, human-centred Sales Ethos & Philosophy –Selling Better
  2. A Sales Strategy Framework underpinned by a codified Sales Operating System
  3. Codified sales tools, resources and education (classroom, infield, online, remote)
  4. Sales Support System for ongoing education, support and effective coaching in the field online 24/7

Adopting a Selling Better Philosophy and implementing Selling Better Sales Operating System creates teams who can win, repeatedly.

We can help you create a Selling Better Culture that delivers more and better sustainable sales results, and more satisfied customers and employees using our world class, robust Selling Better Operating System which has codified, university grade Sales Practices, Frameworks and Tools.

We can help you create focused sales strategies that can be delivered in prepared purposeful sales and customer centric environments with visible, tangible sales frameworks and meaningful, customised training and coaching that give sales teams and their buyers’ orientation and direction.

We can help you re-educate the whole of business about the central importance of selling and delivering the customer experience (CX) and endorse selling as a team sport where selling and serving customers becomes everybody’s business.

So we have a choice as leaders in business.

We can choose to remain internally focused and apply band aids to major challenges or we can shift our focus to becoming customer centric but without systems we are just nice people transacting. We could go the other way and implement systems but without engaging and working with customers our value will diminish and we lose relevance. Why not instead aim to create a Customer Centric Selling Better Culture underpinned by Selling Better Sales Operating System?

That way you are more likely to go from ordinary to extraordinary time and time again. The choice is yours.

By partnering with Barrett you will be able to:

  1. Sell better faster, at healthier margins with less risk of failure;
  2. Easily shift to a systems oriented approach to selling so you can pivot and transition your sales teams and operations to sell better, faster;
  3. Make more informed decisions about how to lead and manage your sales team to better performance outcomes now and over the long term;
  4. Enhance and protect your hard earned reputation by building and leading successful, ethical, client centric, sales teams and business cultures that attract and retain more of the clients, employees and partners you want; and
  5. Continue to design and deliver adaptive Selling Better Growth Strategies, Systems, Teams and Cultures for a sustainable future

Ready to set a new standard in sales excellence?

Talk to us, your selling better advisory team, and we’ll help you quickly and accurately assess your next steps.

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