We can help you by designing and customising an effective learning plan for your organisation that delivers real and sustainable sales outcomes.

Learning is an ever-evolving process

The importance of a targeted learning and development program cannot be overstated. Keeping your teams’ skills up-to-date is imperative if you want to remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace. Embedding learning in an organisation across the short and long term supports the ongoing practice, reflection and refinement of sales skills for everyone.

We customise individual workshops and conferences or develop 12+ month blended learning sales training and coaching programs to keep your team on top of the knowledge curve. These may encompass your sales strategy, value propositions, segmentations, standards, skills, tools and processes. The main aim is to ensure everyone has the capabilities needed to succeed.

Education to engage, develop and retain talent.

We embrace a 70:20:10 framework. This blended approach may include traditional workshop formats, remote video conferences and webinars, and self-paced, locally managed and facilitated online and offline learning.

Our workshops and online modules use the latest inquiry based learning methodologies and are interactive, practical and highly engaging. In some cases, workshops are underpinned by online learning, regular tele-coaching and infield coaching support to ensure application and development of the fundamental sales principles and tools studied.

Our L&D consultants are experienced and qualified instructional designers, facilitator/trainers and coaches. We are able to support your L&D needs in a number of ways depending on your requirements. We can review, revise and update your current sales training content. We can also design and deliver impactful sales conference activities, simulations and events.

To ensure that real learning takes place and endures, we emphasise and encourage a holistic approach by integrating both formal and informal elements. We believe that the most effective way to learn and develop a new skill or behaviour is to apply and practice it on the job and in real life situations.

Our learning and development philosophy is built upon how individuals internalise and apply what they learn based on how they acquire the knowledge.

We rely on the 70:20:10 formula* that describes how learning occurs:

  • 70% from real life and on-the-job experiences, tasks and problem solving. This is the most important aspect of any learning and development plan. Many organizations agree in theory, but getting it right is another matter altogether.
  • 20% from feedback and from observing and working with role models. – coaching from peers, subject matter experts and mentors
  • 10% from formal training/learning so that participants gain a solid base of knowledge and skills.

At Barrett we believe that the key elements to a successful learning process include both the “70:20:10 formula” and how individuals internalise and apply what they’ve learned. Therefore we ensure that our approach transfers our knowledge to our clients allowing them to embed the knowledge and skills developed from the interventions so that it can support every aspect of the 70:20:10 approach. We can help you choose the learning opportunity that’s right for you or your department.

* 70/20/10 learning concept was developed by Morgan McCall, Robert W. Eichinger, and Michael M. Lombardo at the Center for Creative Leadership and is specifically mentioned in The Career Architect Development Planner 3rd edition by Michael M.

At Barrett, we’re changing the way people get access to sales education.

Using technology, our online sales training and coaching curriculum, inquiry based learning, and running regular mini group coaching sessions where we encourage everyone to share best practice we’re creating communities of dynamic and active learners and we’re helping people and businesses sell better, faster.  We use best practice techniques/methodologies such as Interval Training, Discovery Learning and Adult Learning Techniques in all our programs. When implemented over a period of time these techniques facilitate behavioural change and skill development that become habitual.

This approach progresses in incremental stages and helps to maintain a focus on manageable tasks, ensuring earlier stages are successful before the latter stages are attempted. Discovery Learning results from an interactive environment where information is given, principles are practiced, questions are asked and real-life situations are created to enable people to learn for themselves.

Selling Better, Faster using Real Time Sales Education

We are working with many sales teams, especially those in regional and rural Australia and teams split between different countries, to get access to online and remote Real Time Sales Education to sell better, faster.

For instance, a large client in Western Australia signed up over 100 B2B and B2C salespeople in different divisions to use our Sales Essentials Online Curriculum as  their core sales education resource. We trained their sales leaders in how to coach their salespeople in the field and on the job – 1-on-1 and group – using the Sales Essentials Online Coaching Resources. With this approach there’s been a very quick uptake and application of the content with amazing results as well.

The key here is access to relevant, quality Real Time Sales Education over time.

Saving time and money

We’re also helping businesses save a lot of time and money by reducing the need for travel and accommodation to attend traditional training events, reducing the time off the road away from selling and also reducing our collective carbon footprint so our education approach can meet sustainability goals.

Everyone wins.

Ready to implement L&D solutions at your organisation?

Talk to us, your selling better advisory team, and we’ll be able to advise you on the best learning options for your needs.

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