Put the right offers in front of the right customers at the right time with sales market segmentation.


Marketing talks to groups. Sales talks to individuals. Buyers, even the ones with common requirements, have very unique and specific requests, and the broad approach taken in the traditional marketing segmentation falls short of the individual buyer expectations, desires and needs.

Sales risks missing the opportunity to tackle individual expectations if segmentation isn’t narrowed down to a micro market level. By taking a more three-dimensional view of segments we unearth deeper insights that can be used to focus on growth areas and eliminate unnecessary effort.

Our sales market segmentation services

Complete market segmentation

Our sales market segmentation questionnaire & workshop are designed to help identify how competitive an organisation is within its market segments and what steps need to be taken to ensure competitive viability. The process provides your sales and marketing teams with the opportunity to examine each market segment, sub-segment and micro-segment – from a range of perspectives. This 3D view uncovers key insights that can be leveraged to build detailed strategic and tactical go-to-market action plans.

Sustainable sales strategies

Sales strategy is a vital cog in the any sustainable modern businesses. Underpinning the business strategy, sales strategy should sit alongside marketing strategy as an equal partner in the building and driving of better business.  Yet while sales strategy is vital to business success, it is often poorly understood and executed.

At Barrett, we work with our clients to deliver a robust and highly effective Sales Strategy & Operations System. One where marketing and sales work in a coordinated manner to drive exceptional business and sales performance.

Smarten your sales with micro segmentation

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The Barrett advantage

We bring a well-researched 21st century systems thinking approach to sales that includes a complete selling system. With a solid reputation for helping leaders quickly pivot and transition their sales teams and operations to sell better, we are here to help your business prosper for all the right reasons.