Selling more isn’t a long term strategy to success, but knowing how to deliver effective sales strategies that enable you to sell better is the key to ongoing success and viability of your business.

It all starts with OPPORTUNITY

Opportunity can only be realised when you have committed CEOs and strong sales leaders who can deliver a clear sales strategy and the right sales processes, and lead capable salespeople and a committed organisational team based culture.

Whether you are a multi-national, a N4P new to proactive, ethical sales practices, or any organisation with something to sell, the universal truth is selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something.

With Barrett it’s all about selling, leading and communicating by design.

It’s about delivering ethical, human-centred, sustainable and repeatable behaviours and results.

As a business consulting and education firm specialising in ethical, human-centred sales strategies, systems and practices, we like to start with understanding your situation and the health of your sales system first before we do anything.

The right solution might not be training related.


Two years ago, we asked the Executive GM of a listed company to go out on a limb.

His business was in flux and sales falling. Like many leaders, he thought sales training was THE solution.

Training would happen, I said, but not yet.

Instead, I asked him to, ‘be a bit adventurous, got out on a limb, and look over the edge. There’s a different approach, one that will help you sell better now and sustainably into the future’.

Today their share price is tracking north and sales, margins, culture and customer satisfaction have never been better.

Shifting to a systems-oriented, customercentric, human-focussed way of selling steered them in the right direction.


We use high quality, evidenced based research, tools, models, frameworks, systems thinking and practical project plans and action to help boards, CEOs, sales leaders, executive teams, sales teams and everyone else in the business navigate a complex, ever changing world when it comes to selling better and being genuinely customer-centric.

By partnering with Barrett you can:

  1. Drive better sales results and team culture
  2. Audit, develop and implement your sales strategy
  3. Analyse and define your sales market segments
  4. Develop, coach and lead better teams
  5. Tap into the expertise of a team specialists
  6. Assess and select the right salespeople for your business
  7. Induct, train and coach your team to defined standards
  8. Give your sales team an articulated sales process map
  9. Design your sales leadership and coaching framework
  10. Combine classroom, in-field, and online learning
  11. Embed a perpetual learning environment
  12. Access codified sales tools and processes

Ready to set a new standard in sales excellence?

Talk to us, your selling better advisory team, and we’ll help you quickly and accurately assess your next steps.

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