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You can’t do strategy without input from sales

Underpinning Business Strategy, Sales Strategy should sit alongside Marketing Strategy as an equal partner in the building and driving of better business.  Yet while Sales Strategy is vital to business success, it is often very poorly understood and executed.

The challenge is that when CEOs and sales leaders think of their sales force they seldom consider the support needed to provide targeted direction, clear focus on key segments, articulated sales processes to sustain momentum in the field in the face of both market forces and continually aggressive competition.

Sales Strategy is a vital component in the running of effective businesses today. The new paradigm in selling demands that sales forces become proactive rather than reactive.

Which is why we have created a well-researched, robust Selling Better Sales Strategy & Operating System that works for any organisation managing the complexities of sales.


Often confused with marketing strategy, a business’ sales strategy is how the business organises its sales efforts across the value chain to go to market, who they are going to sell to and how to create real value within the given market place with their customers.

It’s the mechanism by which you determine your organisation’s unique value proposition, and how your teams will deliver that proposition to attractive sales segments where the business has some form of competitive advantage. These (sales-oriented) strategies are deployed in B2B and complex B2C situations.

Unlike business strategy, a sales strategy focuses on a time frame of no longer than 18 months – 2 years.

With increased cost of sales activities, less differentiation and an increase in competition from all fronts, those organisations that fail to develop sales strategies and re-think the way they sell and operate are likely to find continued pressure on price and margins, coupled with diminishing sales volumes, decreased competitive advantage and potential obsolescence.

Barrett’s Sales Strategy & Operations Model© is a well-researched, world class Selling Better Sales Operating System that enables our clients to audit, benchmark, develop and implement focused sales strategies, build robust sales processes, develop world class sales teams all supported by a Perpetual Learning Environment (PLE) that is underpinned by a robust sales operations system and platform with feedback loops.

We work with our clients to ensure that they have a robust and highly effective Sales Strategy & Operations System and that both marketing and sales work in a coordinated manner as equals in driving business and sales performance.

For many organisations this has led to focused action plans and quicker deployment of the right actions to sell better and win more, often in very tough markets.

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