This articels talks about personality traits detracting a leader’s ability to build a team also detracting from their performance as a leader.

Measuring Leadership Styles & Derailing Behaviours

Leadership involves building and maintaining a high-performing team, especially Sales Leaders. Things that detract from a leader’s ability to build a team also detract from their performance as a leader. Indeed, it is this distinctive area of personality that other people would probably notice about an individual, as it is the area that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Most business leaders have coping behaviours they draw on when under pressure. The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) measures strategies and behaviours leaders have developed over time (even from childhood) to cope with increased levels of pressure whether due to change, high stress, multi-tasking, work saturation, unhappy environment or being outside of their comfort zone. i.e. Excitable, Sceptical, Cautious, Reserved, Leisurely, Bold, Mischievous, Colourful, Imaginative, Diligent, and Dutiful. The HDS is not purpose built for sales leaders however it has a wide body or research on sales leadership with relevant norm groups to refer to.

Research shows that most leaders display at least one coping style. In measuring extremes of personality then, it is very important to remember that these can have highly positive implications. Our distinctive personality characteristics are often the factors that have caused us to be successful in our careers to date. There is, however, always a potential downside to extremes – because if they are not managed effectively or appropriately they can become problematic. When business leaders, especially sales leaders are not managing their interpersonal façade well (perhaps because of stress, pressure, deadlines, etc.) these extremes can emerge unchecked and upset the delicate balance of teamwork and interpersonal relationships. This report serves to describe the positives and negatives of extreme characteristics, and not make judgements about them.


  • Administered online via user name and password sourced via an accredited provider.
  • The HDS can be used for recruitment and development purposes.
  • Individual reports for selection and development with coaching strategies plus team summary reports.
  • HDS will NOT measure personality, communication styles, emotional intelligence, motivators & values, prospecting fitness, or cognitive attributes and abilities (IQ).


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