We partner with organisations to extend the impact of their sales efforts beyond a moment in time, driving quality outcomes and maximising the return on their investments.

Outcomes beyond performance lifts

We take a systems oriented approach to help you pivot and transition your sales teams and operations to sell better, faster, at healthier margins.

We meet with business and sales leaders to understand their motivation, goals, and challenges. Solutions are then shaped to accommodate the/their unique needs and contribute to positive and sustainable outcomes for employees, the organisation and their customers, and the environment

How we generate impact across your business

Employee outcomes

Our aim at Barrett is to give people the skills, tools and personal insight so they can proactively sell themselves effectively, ethically and confidently in any situation. We do this by working with your people to cultivate their selling skills and capabilities to deliver real and sustainable behavioural outcomes. As a result, employees are supported with the tools, training and resources they need to perform at their very best.

  • Reach professional – and personal – goals in shorter timeframes
  • Increased knowledge and insights into self and their organisation
  • Strengthened employee engagement and team commitment
  • Cultivate positive and rewarding relationships
  • More knowledgeable, skilled and informed sales leaders

Organisational outcomes

Our adaptive Selling Better strategies, systems, teams and culture generate improved sales performance and tangible economic value. But we take it further to positively impact your entire business environment. Our solutions drive continuous operational improvements, enhance customer experiences, and lift employee performance and engagement.

  • Drive team productivity and boost profitability
  • Better retention rates and lower staff turnover
  • Uplift in both sales and business performance
  • Healthy, productive, high performing sales teams
  • Clear performance expectations
  • Accountable performance management

Customer outcomes

When you are truly customer centric you can anticipate customers’ needs, understand their situation, solve their problems, or gain access to alternative options they hadn’t considered. We help you establish clear goals and expectations that endorse a fair exchange of value and is ethical and inclusive of customers, employees and shareholders. This approach ensures the customer feels safe, valued, loyal and cared for – all while improving sales results.

  • Salespeople who can confidently engage in fruitful client interactions
  • Deliver a better customer experience across all touchpoints
  • Create healthy customer relationships based on trust, openness and honesty
  • Generate new opportunities through human-centred selling
  • Develop and deliver mutually-beneficial solutions


We believe that human-centred, ethical selling is a better and more sustainable way of doing business, in the short and long term. This is why we are for long term strategies and sustainable business practices, not short term-ism and consumerism. Teams, organisations, customers and communities flourish when great ideas, initiatives, products or services gain traction and change the world for the better.

  • Sustainable selling practices that promote community wellbeing
  • Engage in business that positively impacts people and the environment
  • Embrace collaboration with colleagues, clients and the community
  • Support sustainable development, wellbeing and a prosperous future for all

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