Barrett has developed a range of excellent sales activities and simulation exercises which are ideal for sales conferences or sales team events or follow up refreshers to intensive sales training programs. These actvitities are designed to give people a highly interactive self reflecting learning experience, highlighting the core capabilities needed in professional selling today.


  • The Sales Olympics Game
  • The Sales Court Case
  • The Sales Circuit Fitness Session
  • Recommended for: all people in customer facing roles, in any organisation involved in customer centric Business to Business (B2B) of Complex Business to Consumer (B2C) solution selling.

Industrial, Construction/Building, Engineering, Professional Services, Chemicals, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals, Medical/Scientific, Financial Services (Banking, Finance Insurance, etc.), Media, Printing/ Publishing, Manufacturing, Services, New Home Sales, Car Sales, etc.

Field Sales People i.e. Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Technical Sales People, Sales Consultants, Sales Engineers, Internal Sales People, Sales Managers, Sales Supervisors, Marketing personnel and other senior managers across the organisations’ value chain who need to understand the role that selling plays in their business

In-house for company sales teams at conferences, team events, etc.


Our simulations provide an interactive and self-reflective learning experience. They engage participants and facilitate the learning process by creating a safe and fun environment. The self-awareness and learnings from the Simulations are then linked in a practical and grounded way back to your business environment. The simulations can be run with groups from 6 through to 150 and in a range of organisations.

A few examples of clients we have run simulations with are:

  • Leadership team of 20 (incl. Finance, HR, L&D, Operations, IT, Sales, Marketing) debating whether they are really customer focused. We put their thinking, problem solving and communications skills to the test using a simulation in a competitive team setting.
  • 120 senior sales and marketing managers put their teamwork and sales skills to the test at their annual conference. Vying for a lucrative contract they put themselves under the microscope to see if they have what it takes to be sales fit.
  • Who’s the real winner here? Is what a team of 50 (incl. Manufacturing, Operations, Sales and Service) discovered about themselves when their teamwork and personal motives were evaluated in a dynamic inter-group competition.

Role Plays

Given the right kind of structure and environment, most sales people really benefit from regular role playing and in turn their businesses and customers would be better off too. We cannot under value the importance of role playing and rehearsal to improve and enhance our performance. When used properly role plays and rehearsal can really hone the skills, knowledge and mindset of our sales people. Linked to clear processes and behavioural performance standards we can create an environment of conscious and conscientious practice where sales teams are willing to practice and refine their skills and talents.

At Barrett we make sure all role plays are specific to our clients’ business and their client situations. We make sure that the role plays are broken down into steps which can be applied and practiced. We make sure there is a check list an ‘observer’ can use to monitor and provide specific feedback on the performance of the sales person. We make sure there is an opportunity to receive clear and unambiguous feedback on performance. We make sure it is safe for people to practice and make mistakes without fear of retribution. In short, we make sure role playing and rehearsal is practical, useful and insightful allowing people to adjust their behaviours and mindset to create better and better performance standards. However, the challenge is to make this a regular activity in sales teams.

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