Maximise sales leader impact by accurately assessing, benchmarking and readying your leadership team for the strategic challenges they will face.

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Leadership involves building and maintaining a high-performing team, especially sales leaders. Anything that detracts from a leader’s ability to build and guide a team also detracts from their performance as a leader.

Our leadership assessments measure leadership effectiveness, providing leaders with objective feedback on their leadership styles and the impact they have on people around them. We do this using a range of psychometric assessments designed to gather deep insight into the sales leader’s capabilities. This allows us to interpret the data and recommend what to do next in order to succeed as positive leaders of the future.

Leader assessment and development solutions

Our selection of world-leading leadership assessments produce valid, reliable and actionable results. Designed specifically for selection, career management, guidance and development purposes, Barrett’s Leadership and Sales Leadership Development Reports support you to assess and improve leadership performance before making positive changes in the areas most relevant.

At Barrett, we are committed to helping sales leaders and their people assess, understand and develop their capabilities as it relates to selling better. We have developed a range of behavioral and business assessments, and simulation processes and work with a range of proprietary psychometric assessments. Explore our sales assessments or sales benchmarking solutions.

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Case Study

Selling Better Case Study: How to do it properly

Industry: Banking/Finance/Agribusiness Type: Public

Successfully combined two sales operations that came together due to a business acquisition. The project lead a complete culture and mindset shift across the entire organisation to improve the customer experience and lift sales.

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