Discover what a sales leadership training program fine-tuned by qualified education professionals can do to support your sales leadership capabilities.

Leading with sales mastery and insights

International studies report that if Sales Managers are better educated in sales management and coaching, their sales teams achieve higher performance and results. There is no more positive correlation found between frequency of sales management development and sales performance.

We know first-hand about the demands on sales leaders to grow revenues, empower and inspire their team and manage the demands of the global marketplace. That’s why we are dedicated to developing effective sales managers, supporting them to get the best out of themselves and their people through Sales Essentials – our comprehensive online learning platform – or via our leadership training programs.

Explore our education services for sales leaders

Our powerful Sales Management Essentials program provides experienced and emerging sales leaders with access to a sales leadership and coaching system and protocols that include core principles, skills, tools, templates, processes and models needed to lead and inspire dynamic and highly productive sales teams.

The curriculum covers sales leadership and management skills and techniques – all delivered wither in the classroom, infield or online.

  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Account Mapping
  • Sales Recruitment & Selection
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Sales Financials
  • Sales Leadership & Teamwork
  • Sales Culture Transformation
  • Sales Leader as CEO

Skilful and purposeful coaching has the greatest impact on individual performance, self-confidence and mastery. If you have a supportive relationship with an experienced coach then you will gain greater insight into yourself and your business. That insight will inspire you to maximise your performance both personally and professionally.

As an element of our education and training programs, we offer coaching to help sales leaders achieve this self-mastery. Our coaches are incisive thinkers who integrate Barrett’s leading-edge intellectual property along with a wealth of practical experience from leading teams to managing businesses, to deliver outstanding client outcomes.

  • Group and 1on1 Sales leadership coaching sessions
  • Team coaching sessions
Powerful sales leaders are made, not born.
Our powerful Sales Management Essentials content and customised programmes provide sales leaders – at every level – with a comprehensive range of skills, functions and activities that every sales manager must have in his / her portfolio.
In these dynamic programmes sales leaders learn…
  • The 5 key skills used in every sales management interaction
  • How to structure a sales operation for optimal effectiveness
  • Identify “good selling” and employ the right salespeople
  • Develop effective Go-to-market plans
  • Define and introduce sales disciplines that ensure good governance
  • Develop budgets and forecasts for sales and manage sales processes and systems
  • Create remuneration programmes that support the sales drive
  • Coaching, developing and training for their teams

Excellence in managing, influencing, coaching, and leading others is directly influenced by how well you understand, develop, and manage yourself. Excellence in people leadership and management is knowing the right processes to apply in the right situation coupled with the personal insight to know how to apply them wisely.

To act as an effective manager and leader is to leave your people with a stronger understanding of ‘self’ and knowing how they can be their best in your team and business so everyone can achieve excellence. Similarly, we want you to leave us after you have participated in our sales training with a deeper understanding of ‘self’ and the ability to confidently and competently implement learnt tools and processes for both personal and business success.

Here are some the ways the Barrett Team can help you embed a coaching culture at your organisation:

  • Answer the question: “Why a coaching culture?”
  • Develop a viable coaching culture strategy tailored to your organisation, ensuring that:
    • Coaching culture outcomes are linked to business goals
    • Measures are in place to recognise and reward coaching culture behaviours.
  • Train and develop the senior leadership team in a coaching based leadership style and advise ways in which they can create the cultural change required.
  • Transition from your current state to your ideal state as a team and business
  • Create a plan to ‘seed’ the organisation with coaching talent now and in the future, be it an internal or external community

A viable, healthy coaching culture is an evolving state of harmony where the application of coaching is integrated into and forms part of the company culture.

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