A variety of testimonials from a variety of companies (large and small), different market and people from different positions.

Current Testimonials

The Rural Muster project has taken the lead in facilitating a complete culture and mindset shift across the entire organisation to improve the customer experience and lift sales. In addition, I lead a competent sales leadership team who are coaching and leading from the front, and we have an outstanding sales score card. Barrett has provided us with robust sales systems, tools, resources and ongoing education to give us the ability to innovate, navigate and grow our business for the short, medium and long term. Personally, I got incredible value from working with Sue Barrett because

  • Sue is a future thinker who is highly tuned to the operating environment, innovations and disruptors that might influence our future
  • Sue is an absolute specialist in sales, proud of the profession, champion for customer centred selling
  • Sue has superior organisational and planning skills, sharp, maximises value from time, action orientation

Andrew SmithHead of Agribusiness, Rural Bank (now Head of Business Customer, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank)

The Barrett Sales Essentials training course has opened a lot more opportunities for me. It's amazing how asking less questions can be better so long as they are the right questions asked. Thank you very much and I hope we can meet again for future training.

Not namedAccount Manager, , 30+ B2B building products sales team

After our very successful two day 'Sales Strategy & Operations' workshop last week, I wanted to write to you and let you know how professional, outcome driven and valuable the experience was for our executive leadership team. With excellent pre-workshop preparation and guidance from the Barrett team, including an insightful on-line survey of probing and exploratory questions, which provided the base data for a productive and challenging workshop, we were off and running and the usual slow start to a facilitated workshop like this was non-existent.
From the moment we kicked in to the agenda, the Diadem team was engaged and motivated to actively participate and seek clarity and direction in our pursuit of a robust review of our sales processes and how we could maximise our efforts moving forward. With yourself as a master facilitator and teacher, able aided by Rebecca at your side, you intuitively guided the Diadem team through a excellently crafted and impactful programme that opened up opportunities, challenged convention and sought to explore a path forward that contained clarity, purpose and a strength of resolve to achieve business defining differentiation in our chosen marketplaces. We now have the understanding, tools, intelligence and platform to launch Diadem forward and with yourself and the Barrett team by our side, we are in 'safe hands'.

Richard DuerdenNational Sales Director, Diadem, 60 person Signage & Wayfinding Firm

Sue Barrett and her team has skilfully guided us through a key transitional time in our Company when it was critical to build our strategy and define the processes and tools that would support our key business objectives moving forward. Sue and her colleagues have the flexibility and diversity of skills and capabilities that adapt to the business requirements at any time. Sue is an engaging and inspirational facilitator and presenter and her strategic thinking coupled with practical implementation ensures organisations that work with her get high quality outcomes that achieve tangible results. The Barrett team quickly understands the nuances of a business and quickly builds key relationships that ensures she understands the immediate needs for the organisation and appropriate support for individuals.

Jill Johnstonformerly Head of People & Culture, Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), now Head of People & Development,

DENTSPLY Australia is proud to be the first Australian company to have enrolled our entire sales team into the Barrett Consulting Group's "Sales Essentials" program. In doing so, every member of our sales team is now - or is about to be - accredited with a Diploma of Sales and a Certificate IV in Business-Sales, endorsed by Swinburne University. Not only has this provided every member of our team with a tertiary qualification, but it has been a wonderful opportunity to professionally develop our people and promote the art of selling as a university recognised profession. The dental market is fiercely competitive and, although we have offered formal sales training programs to each of our sales and marketing associates since 1995, none have proven to offer a level of client insight comparable to that of Sales Essentials. The program's core focus revolves around the exchange of a genuine value proposition, coupled with a highly effective strategy to move promptly towards understanding our clients‘ priorities. In the 2 years since we embarked on this development path with Barrett Consulting Group, we have radically improved our sales business results, returning profitable sales for the last 15 months and establishing deeper business partnerships with a vast array of our clients. Incredibly, we have not fielded one resignation from within the sales team since all associates graduated. As an organisation, we are ever conscious of the need to ensure that every investment we make delivers a tangible return. Our enrolment in Sales Essentials has proven to be one of the most rewarding professional development programs that we have ever introduced to our team and we look forward to continuing down that same path for the foreseeable future.

Don SutherlandSales Director ANZ, Dentsply, 50+ sales team, international dental supplies company.

Sue is simply the best writer on sales issues that I've ever come across. That reflects her highly organised thinking about sales issues and her drive towards solving real-world problems. She's also a delight to work with: constantly engaged and curious, highly commercial, always looking for the next solution. I've found her particularly insightful on sales within professional services. If I was looking for someone to build the skills of a sales team or an executive group, she would be my first call.

David Walker Principal at Shorewalker DMS: Award-winning business, technology & economics publishing services

We worked closely with Barrett across 2009 to develop a tailored sales program for ~300 relationship managers nationally. This program focused on understanding and developing core components for sales fitness through a very practical 3 day course - which included key concepts such as message intent, backwards planning, valid business reasons, effective questioning and offering solutions. This was supported back in the field by our regional managers who delivered 10 follow up sessions and infield coaching after extensive training and coaching by Barrett. At the time the sales program rolled out, our business unit was going through a major restructure, and Sue and her team's deep practical sales experience together with their great empathy and sensitivity ensured our relationship managers came away with: greater role clarity, heightened self awareness regarding the importance of goals, accountability, leadership, health and attitude for sales success; and practical sales tools to effectively plan, manage and deliver their sales targets.

Mark HandMD ANZ Commercial Banking (Former GM ANZ Regional Commercial Banking), 390+ B2B finance sales team

The change has been outstanding. Two years ago (Nov 2017) I couldn't have imagined that Sales would be in such great shape already. I thought it would've take years but here we are now with a fantastic sales team, sales infrastructure and processes, strategy and culture that is growing and making a huge difference to our business and our clients. As an accountant, I knew very little about sales but Barrett's Sales Strategy & Operations Framework and the Barrett team have steered us in the right direction.

Jeff SellsExecutive General Manager Retail Pharmacy at Sigma Healthcare

What does Barrett bring to our business?
Canon Oceania was undergoing a huge transformation in their go to market strategy and off the back of two major acquisitions, needed to rethink our products, services and customer value proposition. Sue and her team have brought a whole new level of thinking and capability to our sales team, ensuring they can apply new skills and learning immediately as well as stretching their capability to think in different ways so they can sell our new suite of digital solutions. The feedback and results so far have been remarkable.
What value did Barrett deliver? What difference have they made?
Sue and her team worked closely with me to co-create learning experiences that would help us to identify key gaps and determine our overall bench-strength. We now have a deeper understanding of the talent profile of each of our team and continue to develop additional learning experiences for our team. Sue has also helped us to shape our sales strategy and develop new ways of working, unlocking innovative thinking.
What made me choose Barrett over other suppliers?
Sue takes a whole of system approach to selling and in a complex and highly competitive sector like ours, with emerging technologies and product unique offering we needed a bespoke yet pragmatic partner to work with. All of my interactions with alternative providers led to fairly traditional cookie cutter solutions which did not match our needs. Sue and her team provided the cut through and responsiveness that we needed.
Would I recommend Barrett to other businesses?
Yes, Sue and her team are masters of their craft and approaches their work as a true partner. Sue and her team listen, they co-design and tailor solutions that are expertly delivered. They bring fresh perspectives and new insight into our business with all their interactions. They are pragmatic, commercially astute, intuitive and methodical/systematic at the same time. Sue and her team are also incredibly humble which is a rare find in my view in this space and they are ahead of the curve.

Leesa TongoulidisConsultant & formerly Manager, Organisational Development & Culture, Oceania, Canon

Lotus Filters has experienced solid recent growth, however we wanted to see if we could grow faster! After reading an article published by Sue, undertaking some research and meeting up, we decided to engage the team at Barrett to “help us sell better”. The brief has covered a number of key things including refining our sales messaging to the online Sales Essentials development program for our sales and key operational people. Along this journey Sue has facilitated workshops where her depth of knowledge and engaging delivery style has led to positive change in the business. Benefits derived include a very clear value proposition and a number of tools and techniques to help us all sell better – and the results are showing. We have no hesitation in recommending Sue to any business looking to enhance the way they sell.

Graeme WilliamsonManaging Director, Lotus Filters

Client Testimonials (older)

The Sales Culture transformation and competency project we worked on with you in 2008 has been such a great success for our team.  The culture is now fantastic and the morale of the Sales Team is very good.  We aimed for the culture we wanted and got it.  People have settled into their roles and are working out fantastically. It was the planning and thinking behind it that made it work.  The Competency work has, without a doubt, made a difference. The Sales Competencies are 'Gold'. We refer to them all the time and the Sales People are using them as well to develop themselves and have clearer, more accountable, performance reviews.  The competencies helped our team realise how responsible they need to be in their roles.

Jennifer GomeDirector Licensing APRA AMCOS

I first approached Sue Barrett to write for SmartCompany when it launched three years ago. I approached her for several reasons. Firstly she had a unique approach to selling. She looked beyond the quick sell to explain to people how to build sustainable and profitable relationships.
Secondly she was a great presenter. Many sales people on the circuit turn people off with a very pushy, gimmicky approach and Sue presents as highly intelligent, caring, ethical and extremely positive.Thirdly I knew she got results because I knew clients who had used her including my own sister!  I would always say when starting a writer that we don't know how many columns they have in them: whether one, six or they can last the distance. From our experience a new writer can write one column and find it was very hard work so they don't continue. Then others have nothing else to say after the sixth column and start to repeat themselves. But Sue, week after week, serves up terrific, intelligent copy that is thoughtful, insightful and extremely helpful for our readers. She is also very professional and adheres to deadlines.She is been part of the reason SmartCompany is so successful.

Amanda GomeCEO Private Media smartcompany.com.au and crikey.com.au

We began working with Barrett midyear 2009.  Our Sales Team was in need of a makeover as our business had grown from Small Business to SME in a very short time. We desperately needed skilled, organized and proactive sales reps to sustain the growth and maintain our position in the market place.  For a period of 6 months, Sue Barett became our surrogate Sales Manager and held regular weekly sales meetings which involved coaching, mentoring and up-skilling the sales team to plan ahead and give them the confidence to get out on road where previously they were more "in-house order takers" rather than field reps.  The experience was both challenging and rewarding for the sales team and the process revealed the businesses' strengths and weaknesses which lead to the restructure of the entire business.  Barrett's approach is honest and encouraging and it's about seeking out real solutions.  There are no false promises or gimmicks on how to be the best but its rather a journey of self discovery supported with "common sense" sales strategies and plans that work and can be adapted by any sales rep and business.  One of the first things that Barrett warned us about was that not all sales reps will last the journey.  The process exposed some sales reps that didn't have what it takes and in time they exited the business which made way for more talented sales people.  Choosing Barrett was the one of the smartest business decisions we've made.  We still work closely with Barrett utilizing their services and tools such as the Psychometric Sales and Leadership testing which I highly recommend to recruit and retain the right people.  Sue is a rare and amazing coach, facilitator, mentor and business woman who inspires and challenges everyone she meets to be better sales reps, managers and people.

Val DaniGroup General Manager Dome Garden Supplies

Using the Earning What You Are Worth program Barrett Consulting Group has assisted in providing the Small to Medium Business Northern Region management team with the framework to instigate a cultural change into our business. This has been via:

  • the running of successful staff training seminars on what it means to be a successful sales person & what are the basic skills required
  • providing the tools necessary for managers to coach their staff through this time of cultural change
  • Barrett's "sales" experience also gave external credibility to the strategy of introducing a sales culture
All in all it has been a very successful program rolled out across the business over a 6 month period.

Neil Shilburyformer Head Small to Medium Business ANZ (Australia)

Great to have you both over for the chapter retreat and thanks very much for the quality of your presentation.  I am sure Chris would have told you that last years chapter retreat keynote presenter was hauled off after 15 minutes of a 1 hour presentation - you got through a day and a half with a fully engaged crowd, you can draw the obvious inferences from that. Recommendation is the sincerest form of thanks and with your permission I would like to recommend you to the other chapters in the regions for any similar gigs they may be running.  All the very best with your respective and combined endeavors, and thanks again.

Paul ClaessenMember of Entrepreneurs Organisation Perth Chapter

Barrett helped us zone in on some critical blind spots which ultimately assisted us greatly. Their approach is people oriented while at the same time being structured, detailed and scientific.

Southern Cross Broadcasting 

I met Sue Barrett many years ago when I was an athlete at the VIS participating in one of her management consultancy sessions, since then Sue has been a fantastic supporter, mentor and business consultant to me personally and now CC Media in recent times. Sue's at the very forefront of management and sales consultancy and has had a extremely positive direct impact on our sales team in a year where we have grown revenue by over 100% JOY. I couldn't recommend Sue and Barrett Consultancy highly enough. I look forward to many more years of working together!

Matt BerrimanGM and Group Director CC Media

Barrett has provided sales training and coaching around the "Earning What You Are Worth" program to some 85 frontline Managers with Small to Medium Business (SMB) in New Zealand.  The program has assisted our business develop a sales call program which has effectively lifted our business performnce around new customer growth.  Sue's style and personal commitment to our business has made a very positive impact on our business and greatly enhanced the skills of our Relationship management team. The program has effectively been around change management.  A direct focus on call reluctance, call programs, prospecting, seeking referrals are all necessary components for any business that has a sales culture.  Sue has directly influenced this development within SMB.  I would recommend Earning What You Are Worth to any business wanting to develop a sustainable sales culture within their salesforce.

Wayne Besantformer Head Small to Medium Business (NZ)

Our team worked closely with Barrett's at a time when the market place in which we operate had become increasingly competitive, and as a result our sales team could no longer rely on our strong brand and passive referrals for new business.
Leading up to the program our entire sales team completed an assessment to gauge sales prospecting fitness, with the team provided with individualised reports during the program to illustrate suggested strengths and potential weaknesses highlighting areas for development. This included a discussion on mindset around the sales process.
Our three day course was introduced to our Regional General Managers on the first day with some specialised coaching training so that we could follow up one-on-one with the sales team once the program was completed. To enable this we were armed with practical tools provided by Barrett's to assist this coaching process, to ensure we could respond to the needs of each member of our sales team.
The program itself illustrated the changes that had taken place in the sales process over time, and provided information and action plans as to developing an increasingly successful sales environment within our organisation. We looked at the overall prospecting process including goal setting, lead generation and review.
Prior to our work with Barrett's the sales team had accepted a huge challenge to talk to 1000 new prospects over a short timeframe, and initially we heard any number of barriers and excuses as to why this would not be possible, however with the practical lessons gained from Sue, our 25-strong sales team put into practice the learnings from the course, and with the confidence gained we successfully hit the target, with time to spare. Working with a limited timeframe the sales team were able to focus their energy on the prospecting process, and successfully generated a pipeline of enquiries to follow up over the following period.
This great result has provided a great deal of motivation for the sales team, and we are confidently looking forward to a productive prospecting future. Thanks Sue and the team at Barrett's for your support.

A Semi-Government organisation 

It was lovely to meet you yesterday and, as you will read, your presentation was something of an epiphany for me.
This is the first time I have written a post that is a mixture between reporting and my opinion. As such, I thought it appropriate to have your approval before posting it to my blog and throughout my groups in LinkedIn, including WNA.
While it is really about what you made me think about selling, I do quote you and it is important that I have not misinterpreted what you had to say.
You can read the post in our Media Center called Why you must blog post - The Principle of Fair Exchange and Value.

Sandy McDonald 

Participant Testimonials

Following your sales program I sang your praises as it was one of the most effective programs I have attended in my time with our business (which is considerable). I have been putting the various tips & tactics into practice and pleased to report...it is going extremely well. Apart from anything else, the VBR and "the purpose of my call...." was by far the most effective thing for me to have taken away from the course and put to use - and although it may sound a small thing, for me it is proving to be tremendously positive towards prospecting for new clients. As for overcoming fears...still get nervous but determined not to let it get the better of me and definitely improving.

Small Business Manager 

We have done 4 follow-ups since the 3 day program which has been beneficial for recapping our learnings & consistent approach to client meetings or farm visits. I'm discovering changes in my sales approach (structure) and time management each month since the course. I have also got back into netball coaching since the course as I discovered this was missing in my work life balance and feel this was a result of setting personal goals which I had not done for a couple of years basically got a bit stagnate in my life. Overall the course gave me a timely refresh to my work & personal goals.

Business Manager 

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for your assistance with one of my clients. I got them back! What helped most was omitting that "fear of rejection" like you said. You were right, I had nothing to lose as we had already lost them. In addition, making phone calls with a clear purpose or intention really assisted with this client, which eventually led to a meeting face to face, and it all went swimmingly. This client is now using us consistently since the meeting, and fingers crossed, this will continue. I am not taking chances this time, and will continue to manage this client carefully. Thanks again for all your help, the follow up phone call with you really made all the difference.

Specialist Recruitment Consultant 

he time that I spent in coaching sessions was some of the most productive of my career. Barrett's ability to take me on a journey through an issue is first class. Through these sessions, we explored different issues, pinpointed those that I needed to focus on and determined root causes. Barrett's coach was able to provide a mixture of tips, techniques and guidance to self realisation to help overcome the issues at hand. I have benefited immensely from the time that I have spent with Barrett, and hope to continue to benefit again from further sessions in the future.

Stephen ClarksonRemote Business Initiatives Manager

The Barrett sales essentials training course has opened a lot more opportunities for me.It's amazing how asking less questions can be better so long as they are the right questions asked. Thank you very much and I hope we can meet again for future training.

Small Business Manager 

Just wanted to send a quick note because…well because I just HAD to.
I arrived late in the course, was thinking it would be the usual sales processes and probably a waste of time.
You had my attention in the first 30 seconds and kept it for all the remaining days of the course.
I was genuinely stunned at your level of insight, delivery style and depth of REAL experience. I really don’t think the other team members fully grasped how lucky they were to have you there training them.
Thanks for a very memorable course and some valuable knowledge. (and ‘no’ I’ve never written one of these types of emails after a course before!)

Marketing TeamViridian

I have been very happy to be a part of the sales training we have experienced with Sue Barrett over the past 12 months.  The Sales Multiplier which has been the main extraction from the training is full of excellent content and if used correctly can certainly make a big difference to sales goals, the way we fill in our days and how we deal with our clients.  Your delivery Sue was great, easy to understand, motivating and most of all easy to remember.  I have put a lot of your ideas into practice and will continue to use the multiplier and ensure our staff do the same. Thanks again

Business ManagerG.J. Gardner Homes Bass Coast

Thanks for all of your help - I am certain that this was one of the most practical 'sales courses' that I have attended. Your approach to handling 'stage fright' made it a pleasant experience, rather than a traumatic one. I have found that the core lessons are essentially life skills - rather than sales techniques to only be applied at work.

Assistant managerBusiness Banking

I am a 30 year banker now with a dry land Agri port folio. They say you can never stop learning and one of my main take aways from the program that I am now more effective at is around the sales process, in particular gaining commitment at the close and asking "Is there anything else that we haven't covered that I need to know about." Thanks again.

Business Manager Agri

I regularly think back to our meetings and draw on a lot of the advice/guidance you offered. You provided a moment of clarity for me in a time when I needed it most, so again.. thank you.

Senior RecruiterCarrera Partners