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This is the most important time in the history of sales and marketing.

The act of buying has changed dramatically, and organisations have fallen behind, many still stuck in the 20th century  product monologue.  But our customers want to engage with us.  They depend on us, especially as they try to navigate a confusing new world awash in more information than they can handle.

Selling is now a team sport.
For the first time everybody in a business, organisation, or community group can affect our organisations’ brands and sales results. Barrett recognises that everybody lives by selling something and that selling is about the principle of exchange – the exchange of ideas, innovations, products, tools, concepts, feelings, money and value. Creating a healthy and viable sales cultures in organisations is about encouraging and training everybody in the life skills that underpin sustainable and ethical selling principles and skills so they can forge legitimate business relationships which serve the environment, people, business and communities.

Just as Barrett helps sales people and sales teams collaborate with buyers in new ways, so are we now helping  people in roles such as marketing, procurement, teaching, science, human resources, government, not for profits, sportspeople, software programming and IT as well as people on outplacement programs and job seekers to communicate and collaborate effectively with their internal stakeholders, partners and suppliers.  Regardless of the uncertainties, one thing is clear: Successful selling requires new and deeper collaboration, both internally and externally.

Here are some of the ways the Barrett Team can help you:
  • Create and transition to viable and healthy sales cultures across your organisation
  • Develop sales & service team charters, company and team visions and core values
  • Transition from your current state to your ideal state as a team and business.
  • Create more sustainable business practices that grow revenue refresh your thinking, ideas, actions and results
A viable, healthy sales culture is not a fixed state of harmony but rather an evolving process in which the application of sales resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are balanced with future as well as present needs.   It’s about rethinking and reframing ‘growth’ and rethinking sales.
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  • Outcomes you can achieve by working with Barrett:
  • Barrett's Portfolio of Consulting Services
  • lift business performance by designing the sales culture and business culture
  • design your ideal sales force
  • create a healthy,  productive, high performing sales team
  • embed more sustainable business practices that grow revenue
  • refresh your thinking, ideas, actions and results
  • develop career paths and succession planning
  • define clear performance expectations and more accountable performance management

Barrett's extensive portfolio of experience, skills and knowledge in the sales environment covers every aspect of all forms of selling, customer relationship and sales management, including...

  • Sales strategy consulting & development
  • Sales leadership mentoring
  • Sales force design and blueprints for development and selection
  • Sales leadership psychometric assessments for selection & development
  • Sales & customer perception research and mapping
  • Barrett also has a full suite of training modules & programs across the sales, service & sales leadership spectrum
  • Barrett Sales Blog
  • Barrett Videos
  • Testimonials - Clients
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Barrett Sales Blog

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Trudy Forster, Sales and Marketing Manager Aquarium Industries Pty Ltd
Without doubt, the training and mentoring package provided by Barrett Consulting is the best that I have seen in over twenty of sales and management experience.  The Barrett's approach combines the benefits of high-level sales training, tailored to our individual requirements, with a comprehensive mentoring program for senior management.  This translated into a holistic approach to all levels of our Sales recruitment, training and retention program.  In addition, the Barrett's team supported management throughout the entire business, regardless of discipline, as we underwent a dramatic and exciting restructure.  Their input was vital to the development of cultural change inside the business, which has translated into increased sales and profitability for the company.  Thank you Barrett Consulting!
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