Ensure every element of your sales strategy and operations are in sync with your business objectives.

Assess, refine and execute your sales strategy

The Barrett Sales Strategy & Operations Model provides you and your people with a robust Sales Strategy & Operations Framework you can apply as a part of your strategic and tactical day to day business operations.

This model allows everyone to speak the same language with unified sales messaging and a unique value proposition, understand what strategies and tactics need to be applied in the market place and when, and provides the essential and necessary sales knowledge and framework needed to lead and manage sales teams and operations in the 21st century.

Our sales strategy and operations audit

Sales strategy and operations audit

Working with senior executives, we undertake comprehensive audits to assess an organisation’s entire sales strategy and operation across 17 core elements. Findings and a detailed benchmark report are delivered at a 2 day sales strategy and operations planning workshop. Leaders leave the workshop equipped with a clear, unified go-to-market sales strategy – including models, tools, tactical activities and metrics – ready to be integrated back into the marketplace via the sales teams.

Re-audits and pulse reports

Sales strategies have an average working life cycle of 18-24 months. That’s why we recommend a re-audit of your sales strategy and operations around this timeframe. With benchmarks and action plans already established from the first audit, the re-audit highlights the strengths, gaps and weaknesses of your current sales strategy and operations framework helping you reshape and focus the next iteration. Pulse Reports are a light version used to check in with our sales team that the sales messaging and plans are being consistently applied.

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We use our world class Selling Better Sales Operating System to undertake all audits. This enables us to effectively assess, benchmark, develop and implement focused sales strategies, build robust sales processes and develop world class sales teams – all supported by a Perpetual Learning Environment (PLE).

This results in focused action plans and quicker deployment of the right actions to help you sell better, even in very tough markets.

Case Study

Total Sales Team Turnaround

Industry: Pharmaceutical Type: Public

Outstanding transformation from rapidly declining sales and share price due to a range of reasons to an 8% sales growth and trending upwards in a challenging market, with new business flowing in.

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