Build a clearly articulated strategy that provides internal and external navigation for everyone in your business.

Design a sales strategy that generates consistent results

The new paradigm in selling demands that sales forces become proactive rather than reactive. The challenge is that when sales managers think of their sales force they rarely consider the support needed to provide targeted direction, clear focus on key segments and articulated sales processes to sustain momentum in the face of market forces and mounting competition.

Often confused with marketing strategy, the sales and go-to-market strategy is the mechanism by which an organisation delivers its unique value proposition to segments within target markets. Working with an organisation’s senior executives, Barrett’s design a sales strategy process that may include a 1 or 2 day workshop, a sales operation audit, a findings and benchmark report and a comprehensive, actionable plan, depending on your needs.

Sales strategy design & implementation services

Powerful 1 day sales strategy workshop

Throughout this sales strategy session, selected stakeholders have the opportunity to explore current and emerging challenges and opportunities across industries, markets, competitors, buyers and trends. From here, we co-create a focused sales strategy including defined client market segments, ‘ideal’ client profiles, sales messaging and high level sales processes. The workshop findings are later prepared into a summary report including sales messaging, sales strategy, market segments, strategic imperatives and action plans.

Sales messaging and value propositions

One of the most potent, but often overlooked tools in the sales toolkit is the value proposition. We work with organisations to develop propositions that not only motivate their buyer, but also define the value of an organisation. The sales messaging and value propositions are then infused into the fabric of the organisation, ensuring consistent communication throughout the employee and customer experience.

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Barrett’s Sales Strategy & Operations Model©

We use our world class Selling Better Sales Operating System to undertake all reviews. This enables us to effectively audit, benchmark, develop and implement focused sales strategies, build robust sales processes and develop world class sales teams – all supported by a Perpetual Learning Environment (PLE).

This results in focused action plans and quicker deployment of the right actions to help you sell better and win more, often in very tough markets.