Our sales leadership learning and development programs have been developed to elevate every sales leader in your company to new levels of skill and performance.

Extraordinary sales leaders are made, not born.

Excellence in managing, influencing, coaching, and leading others is directly related by how well you understand, develop, and manage yourself. Excellence in people leadership and management is knowing the right processes to apply in the right situation coupled with the personal insight to know how to apply them wisely.

Barrett works with organisations to deliver sales leadership & coaching frameworks designed to help leaders get the best out of themselves and their teams. Each framework is shaped around the organisation’s needs and the role, core competencies, and individuality of each sales leader. This ensures sales leaders gain the knowledge, skills, tools and processes needed to confidently speak the language of leadership as they inspire their teams to greater heights.

Barrett Leadership & coaching

Our sales leadership and coaching framework is all about setting up a sales operating framework that hums like a well-oiled machine. However, unlike machines, humans need a purpose – a reason to focus their efforts. Without this, disengagement and haphazard behaviours are likely to emerge. That’s why our framework incorporates the 3 C’s – clarity, communication and consistency.

The multi-layered framework then weaves in tools, templates, tasks, how-to’s and other activities all aimed at creating a perpetual learning environment of sales excellence. This can include classroom, infield, online or 1on1 training along with activity reporting, best practice workshops, feedback sessions, learning and development plans, peer discussions, self-generative learning and other elements to support leadership growth and development.

Sales Essentials Coaching Resources

Our online and infield sales coaching kits provide everything sales leaders need to coach on selling processes such as sales planning, account planning, prospecting and business development, sales client communication, solution selling, the sales call, customer service, and behaviours such as Sales Call Reluctance®. No longer do you have to guess about what to look for, what to ask and what to do to develop your salespeople.

Sales Essentials Online Program Coaching Tabs

Our world class Sales Essentials Online course content has a coaching tab for each topic*. These coaching tabs contain One-on-One and Team/Group coaching guidelines, tools, templates and instructions. So you’re never without effective coaching content that show you HOW TO induct and continue to coach your people to sell better from day 1.

*Enterprise version


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The Barrett advantage

We bring a well-researched 21st century systems thinking approach to sales that includes a complete selling system. With a solid reputation for helping leaders quickly pivot and transition their sales teams and operations to sell better, we are here to help your business prosper.

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SCA Selling Better project unites state sales teams and creates a unique value proposition to increase market share

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From declining share price and fierce competition to share price tracking north and united sales leaders leading the way, within 3 months.

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