Barrett is a business consulting & education firm specialising in ethical, human-centred sales strategies, systems, processes & practices.

An ethical, effective approach to sales

We are a business consulting and education firm working with customers to create thriving sales cultures – with ethics and sustainability at its core.

Since opening our doors in 1995, we have worked with people and organisations – across the private, public, not for profit and government sectors – who challenge themselves to be extraordinary. Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, our approach helps overcome the complexities of selling in the 21st century to attract real, sustainable sales results, even in the toughest markets.

For each client, we carefully curate the best solution to support the organisation, their leaders, teams, people and the wider community, helping to achieve better, faster, more enduring results.

A selection of our firsts


We were the first in Australia to obtain selling a university qualification (SUT).


We built one of the first and most comprehensive sales strategy & operations model and audit process.


We produced the world’s first sales competency dictionary.


We launched the Selling Better Movement and Manifesto in 2018.


The Selling Better Movement

The Selling Better movement are an ethical and human-centred selling ethos underpinned by a practical selling philosophy and adaptive sales strategy and operating system.

We have created it with the hope to help people understand that there’s a better way of doing business.

A way in which we can all be prosperous.

When put into practice it supports sales teams and the broader business to create genuine client centric cultures, deliver competitive sales strategies, build and retain profitable client relationships, and find new uncontested markets while minimising risk.

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