Industry: Hospitality Type: Private/SME

Key Achievements

  • Lotus Filters Sales Messaging including a compelling Philosophy, Business of the Business Statement and Value Proposition (VP) and has been adopted across the business and communicated to market making it easier to differentiate the business from competitors and be seen as an industry leader: Easy to use sales collateral produced that incorporate clear messaging
  • Barrett together with Lotus Filters leadership developed a customised sales process map that includes all client facing roles and is now being adopted across the business and embedded through regular self-directed online learning and effective coaching by sales leaders: plus leaders are finding it easier and more rewarding to coach their teams
  • The Sales Team are applying effective client centric sales tools and techniques resulting in them finding and winning more profitable sales with better quality clients; plus better activity management and organization using Prospecting Bowl
  • The Operations Team are spotting more sales opportunities by being more engaged with the sales process and working with sales team customers to drive better sales outcomes

Business Challenge

Lotus Filters is Australia’s leading commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company and has experienced solid recent growth, however, they wanted to see if they could grow faster.

  • The challenge was to build upon Lotus Filters success and differentiate its commercial offer to the market place in the targeted segments using its people and messaging
  • In early 2017, Barrett was contacted by the Managing Director to see if Barrett could help the sales team sell better despite current sales growth
  • This assignment is being implemented in 4 phases starting April 2017:
    • Phase 1 – Initial 1 day sales review and training workshop to engage sales and operations and field test the Selling Better philosophy and tools, and assess current sales gaps in knowledge and skills
    • Phase 2 – Sales strategy and messaging, sales process mapping and sales coaching workshop with sales leaders
    • Phase 3 – Launch Sales Messaging and new VP to whole business and begin online sales training and coaching in field
    • Phase 4 – Ongoing training (classroom and online) regularly reinforced with coaching for leaders in 2018


  • Very clear value proposition and sales messaging; lift sales activities, better conversion rates and activity management
  • Effective application of sales tools and techniques that is helping the team all sell better – and the results are showing


“Lotus Filters has experienced solid recent growth, however we wanted to see if we could grow faster!
After reading an article published by Sue, undertaking some research and meeting up, we decided to engage the team at Barrett to “help us sell better”.
The brief has covered a number of key things including refining our sales messaging to the online Sales Essentials development program for our sales and key operational people. Along this journey Sue has facilitated workshops where her depth of knowledge and engaging delivery style has led to positive change in the business.
Benefits derived include a very clear value proposition and a number of tools and techniques to help us all sell better – and the results are showing. We have no hesitation in recommending Sue to any business looking to enhance the way they sell.”

Graeme WilliamsonManaging Director, Lotus Filters