As leaders in research and insight for the sales profession, we regularly share our knowledge and unique perspective at keynotes, conferences and sales events around the country.

Are your sales conferences pumping or slumping?

Conferences are expensive to run. Organising them is time consuming too. When you’re planning a conference you will want to make it worth your while. This means being clear about what you are actually trying to achieve. If the purpose is to get people together, interact and have a good time away from work, then go for it. But if it is about improving sales, sharing or generating knowledge, or any other topics relevant for everyday work, you cannot leave anything to chance.

At Barrett we help you rethink  and reimagine why and how you run sales conferences. We work with you to design conferences that follow a logic thread and incorporate an engaging storyline that systematically builds something up and guides people to your desired result.

Let’s talk about where sales is going.

How do you want the function of Selling to be perceived, valued and executed in your organisation?

  1. We believe selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something.
  2. Great selling skills are essentials life skills.
  3. Selling is about a fair exchange of value
  4. Selling is about long term and sustainability.
  5. Selling is the vehicle that allows opportunity to flourish and people to prosper.

These core principles underpin the range of key notes that we can design, customise and deliver to any audience when it comes to practicing ethical human centred sales practices that allow people and business to sell better for a sustainable future.

Here are some examples of topics for your consideration:

Selling Better Series

  1. The Evolution of Selling: why selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something
  2. Selling Better Philosophy and Ethics
  3. Selling Better adaptive strategies and systems
  4. Systems Thinking in Sales
  5. Ethical Human-centred sales practices
  6. How to create customer facing/ customer centric organisations
  7. Implementing a Sales System – Sales Strategy & Processes
  8. How we sell and service around here
  9. The History of Sales Methodologies – why some work and others don’t
  10. The HUGE $Cost of hesitation: Are you earning what you’re worth?

Sales & Service Mindset Series

  1. Resilience and the Optimistic Salesperson
  2. The Empty Cup –the art of listening and engaging
  3. Overcoming the fear of self-promotion
  4. Purposeful Optimism and Opportunity
  5. Gratitude: The science and moral case for Gratitude
  6. 142 days of gratitude that changed my life forever
  7. Huge cost of hesitation and Sales Call Reluctance (SPQ*Gold)
  8. Life is all about opportunity

Our range of sales activities and simulation exercises are ideal for sales conferences, sales team events or follow up refreshers to intensive sales training programs. These activities are designed to give your people an interactive and self-reflective learning experience highlighting the core capabilities needed in professional selling and service cultures today.

They engage participants and facilitate the learning process by creating a safe and fun environment. The self-awareness and learnings from these activities are then linked in a practical and grounded way back to your business environment. These methods can be scaled and adapted for groups from six through to 150+ across a range of roles within an organisation.

Supported by the right kind of structure and environment, most sales people benefit from regular role playing. We cannot under value the importance of role playing and practical skills rehearsal to improve and enhance your performance.

When used properly role plays and rehearsal can hone the skills, knowledge and mindset of your sales people. Linked to clear processes and behavioural performance standards we can create an environment of conscious and conscientious practice where sales teams are willing to practice and refine their skills and talents.


At Barrett we make sure all role plays and case studies are specific to our clients’ business and their client situations, all simulations are highly relevant.

We make sure that such activities are broken down into steps which can be applied and practiced.

We make sure there is a check list an ‘observer’ can use to monitor and provide specific feedback on the performance of the sales person.

We make sure there is an opportunity to receive clear and unambiguous feedback on performance, and that it is safe for people to practice and make mistakes without fear of retribution.

In short, we make sure these methods are practical, useful and insightful, allowing people to adjust their behaviours and mindset to create better performance standards.

Ready to pump up your next conference or sales event?

Talk to us, your selling better advisory team, and we’ll be able to advise you on the best topics for your needs.

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