We take a deep dive into your organisation to diagnose the health of your sales operations before making recommendations to transition your sales teams to sell better, faster.

Assess and re-architect your sales operations

Leading and managing a sales team and its operation involves managing a complex variable system that requires constant attention and considered action. Throwing salespeople in the deep end and expecting them to sell better with no clear strategy, value proposition and articulated sales process, or limited training and support is madness.

We work with CEOs and sales leaders to conduct a rigorous sales system review that will identify sales performance strengths and gaps. Using the data gathered, we provide focused sales strategies that give sales teams and their buyers’ orientation and direction. This includes visible, tangible sales frameworks and meaningful, customised training, our 70:20:10 learning model, and coaching ready to transform every customer experience and unlock new revenue opportunities.

The Barrett Sales System Review

Strategy review

Includes sales strategy, sales messaging, value propositions, stories, market segments and go-to-market action plans.

Process review

Includes sales processes, sales force structure, sales leadership framework, minimum sales standards of sales excellence and buying-selling-delivery value chain.

People review

Includes salespeople’s capabilities, accountabilities & KPIs, sales training content, L&D framework and program delivery, sales leaders’ capabilities in sales management and sales coaching.

Culture review

Includes fostering Selling Better cultures and improving the customer experience.

Complete review

For an all-encompassing review, explore our sales strategy audit & review solution.

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Barrett’s Sales Strategy & Operations Model©

We use our world class Selling Better Sales Operating System to undertake all reviews. This enables us to effectively audit, benchmark, develop and implement focused sales strategies, build robust sales processes and develop world class sales teams – all supported by a Perpetual Learning Environment (PLE).

This results in focused action plans and quicker deployment of the right actions to help you sell better and win more, often in very tough markets.

Case Study

The getting of sales wisdom

Industry: Banking Type: Public

Despite the GFC, the drought and a retracting market, this business unit grew by plus 8%.

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