No longer suffering through sales monologues, clients report that salespeople trained in Sales Essentials are giving them what they have been searching for all along – professional sales people they can work in collaboration with.

Barrett’s Sales Essentials Transformation Program continues to deliver great sales results

Eight years in the making, the Barrett Sales Essentials Transformation Program is delivering outstanding sales training results for Sales Teams across businesses, here across Australia and internationally.

The Barrett Sales Essentials Transformation Program gives sales people and managers the tools, processes, resources and confidence to sell in a manner that serves both the salesperson and the client.

We have long recognised that 1-2 day sales training events do not deliver the sales results businesses were hoping for and that is why we have built our Sales Essentials Transformation Program. With 70% of learning occurring in the field Barrett has catered for best practice learning to ensure that sales training can really deliver sales results over the long term.

The Barrett Sales Essentials Transformation Program is a combination of classroom coaching and in-the-field, and online learning experiences delivered over a 12-40 week period to ensure sales capabilities become a way of life not a fad. Sales Managers are trained to lead the transformation from within with amazing results.

Client Testimonial: Managing Director, Business Banking, 320 people ‘… the Barrett Sales Essentials Transformation Program gave us a heightened self awareness regarding the importance of goals, accountability, leadership, health and attitude for sales success; and the practical sales tools to effectively plan, manage and deliver their sales targets.

University Accreditation

This program has also been transformed into the very first sales program of its kind to achieve university accreditation as Diploma of Business.

Sales Essentials Transformation Program (Sales Planning, Prospecting, Solutions Selling)

Sales Essentials 4 day workshop plus ongoing coaching & online curriculum options

Who is it for: Barrett Sales Essentials is designed for all people in any customer facing role, in any organisation involved in either business to business (B2B) sales or selling in complex (B2C) situations.
The Program: Most sales training only covers one aspect of selling such as the sales call or account planning. Selling is however much more complex and involves many aspects which need to be coordinated into a sales system. Barrett Sales Essentials Program provides salespeople and managers with a sales system that includes core principles, skills, tools, templates, processes and models needed to control the vast array of variables that lead to sales success. 10 years in the making, Barrett Sales Essentials is a program and system designed to benchmark international best practice in 21st Century solutions selling.
Key areas of study: Participants will leave this powerful workshop with an entire portfolio of skills, systems and competencies, including: Sales planning; customer and account mapping; new business development and prospecting strategies and skills; effective solution selling skills; including questioning, listening, analysis, problem solving, solutions development, influencing, integrating and closing. Barrett Sales Essentials provides a robust selling process that houses organisational strategy, brand messaging, value propositions, product positioning, ethics and values.

No longer having to suffer through sales monologues, clients are reporting that salespeople trained in the Barrett sales methodology are giving them what they have been searching for all along – professional sales people who listen, deal with complexity, collaborate to create viable solutions and results, as well as the ability to map a pathway forward to the future.

Participant Testimonial: Senior Business Banker, 30+ years experience ‘with respect to Barrett’s sales process – I put this to good use with a major client…and, you know, not once did pricing enter into the discussions – facilities did, but not pricing. This was the best discussions I have ever had with them, and they feel the most productive discussions they have ever had with any Bank. I was quite happy with the way the day went, and the productivity that came from it

Sales Essentials Program – Diploma of Business

  • Recommended for:
    The Sales Essentials program is recommended for all people in customer facing roles, in any organisation involved in customer centric Business to Business (B2B) of Complex Business to Consumer (B2C) solution selling.
  • Industries:
    Industrial, Construction/Building, Engineering, Professional Services, Chemicals, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals, Medical/Scientific, Financial Services (Banking, Finance Insurance, etc.), Media, Printing/ Publishing, Manufacturing, Services, New Home Sales, Car Sales, etc.
  • Roles:
    Field Sales People i.e. Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Technical Sales People, Sales Consultants, Sales Engineers, Internal Sales People, Customer Service, Sales Managers, Sales Supervisors, Marketing personnel and other senior managers across the organisations’ value chain who need to understand the role that selling plays in their business
  • Delivery options available:
    In-house classroom training and field assignments for company sales teams or public course at SUT for individuals
  • Funding options available:
    companies can apply for government funding to offset costs of the program while giving their people a tertiary education. Please contact us to explore your funding options.

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