Industry: Pharmaceutical Type: Public

Key Achievements

  • Sales operations fully integrated and functioning sales system that is organised, disciplined, fully visible, transparent, functional, and engineered for success
  • Everyone knows what is expected of them and what they are doing. Which is the complete opposite of the opaque, reactive, personality driven situation 2 years prior, at the beginning of the project
  • Well trained and skilled sales team driving a solutions oriented agenda

Business Challenge

There had been several attempts to fix the situation by a previous leader; but nothing had worked.  There was a lot to consider and it wasn’t going to be a quick fix. We needed to rethink the whole way this business went to market and how it operated. It required getting everyone on board, not just the sales team, for the change project to work.

The business was facing:

  • Rapidly declining sales and share price
  • Unhappy customers and a
  • Business and operations model that was not working as it was supposed to

The project took two years to be completed in three phases:

  1. Sales Strategy and Operations Audit
  2. Developing of internal communications strategy, new messaging and value propositions and work with executive and sales leadership team
  3. Sales training –including sales leadership training and sales teams training


  • Sales are up 8% and steadily trending upwards in a challenging market
  • Steady, strong and committed sales leadership on a national and state level across the country
  • Happy clients, new business flowing in
  • Major turnaround in the nature of the relationship of their largest client then ex-client now client again


“The change has been outstanding. Two years ago (Nov 2017) I couldn't have imagined that Sales would be in such great shape already. I thought it would've take years but here we are now with a fantastic sales team, sales infrastructure and processes, strategy and culture that is growing and making a huge difference to our business and our clients. As an accountant, I knew very little about sales but Barrett's Sales Strategy & Operations Framework and the Barrett team have steered us in the right direction.”

Executive General ManagerSales