Equip your team with a sales university library – or sales playbook – to house the knowledge, tools, resources and templates your people need to sell better, faster.

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Salespeople are often offered little guidance in new roles. Forced to work it out as they go, they find their way by trial and error. To survive they create quick fixes, shortcuts, documents and anything to help them hit the right notes. We work with organisations to provide solutions that guide and support their salespeople to be the very best they can.

We develop sales operating systems enriched with an articulated sales process, procedures, tools, buyer’s briefs and resources such as scripts, templates and question libraries. We call it a sales university library – others call it a sales playbook. Either way, it acts as a central repository to store all of the vital information needed to support and guide your sales teams through their sales activities.

Our playbook, tools and resource solutions

Sales university library

Often built off the back of the sales process map, Barrett helps organisations create their own sales ‘university’ library. This may house their sales playbook, specific knowledge, systems, procedures, sales tools and resources – all underpinned by the behaviours for each step of the sales process map. This ensures everyone performs the right activities to standards that deliver results while helping to more effectively recruit, induct, train, coach and performance manage sales teams.

SOAP review

The Sales Operations Audit Process (SOAP) is an end-to-end process that analyses, maps, assesses and ameliorates the overall sales operations in place at your organisation. This includes reviewing sales systems, processes, tools, templates, resources and documentation. From there we can determine which components of an organisation’s sales operations, processes and standards are in place, being practised or missing. This ensures that the overall sales operation framework and sales processes are clear, visible and applied uniformly through every single point of the sales process across sales units.

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The Barrett advantage

We bring a well-researched 21st century systems thinking approach to sales that includes a complete selling system. With a solid reputation for helping leaders quickly pivot and transition their sales teams and operations to sell better, we are here to help your business prosper.

Case Study

Selling Better project gives sales team a distinct competitive advantage that delivers increase in profitable sales in 12 weeks

Industry: Hairdresser/Beauty salons Type: Private/SME

Sales culture change from a discounting climate to a Selling Better culture through the design and implementation of sales strategy and process, and sales training and development.

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