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Sales systems: The Secret to Sustainable Sales Success

Hear Sue Barrett, ethical sales and business growth expert talk about what sales systems are and are not; and how you when you make sales systems thinking and frameworks a key part of your business it leads to better business and flourishing economies.

Barrett’s 2020 Sales Trend Virtual Event (Full Event)

In 2020 our Annual Sales Trends Event went virtual.
Our panel covered everything from geo-political trends, procurement, our clean energy future, resilient cities, how to be an effective sales leader, and where sales opportunities are emerging in these interesting and changing times.

Navigating our way through the storm – what we need to know

Sue Barrett, CEO of Barrett Consulting Group interviews Karl Mattingly, CEO of Dysrupt Labs.
All of us in one way or another, personally and professionally, have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis and while all of us are in the same storm, we’re not all in the same boat.

Barrett, Celebrating 25 Years of Ethical Human Centred Selling

Celebrating 25 Years of Selling Better: Sue Barrett started Barrett Consulting Group on 9 January 1995 with just $3,000 and the purpose of helping people and businesses sell better now and sustainably for the future.

Barrett Consulting – Evolution of Selling

This video is about the evolution of selling over the last 40 years. It highlights the transition from sales monologues to sales dialogues; the transition from selling products to selling ideas. Selling is more about listening and creative collaboration.

Barrett Consulting – The getting of sales wisdom

How Barrett and ANZ Regional Commercial Banking worked together to achieve great sales results and a cultural transformation despite the GFC and other challenging circumstances.

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