We help you uncover new ways to both satisfy the needs of your customers and deliver greater value, making it a more delightful experience for your customers to buy from you.

Tap into the power of a customer first culture

Being customer-centric means sharing an unequivocal belief that by demonstrating superior customer-centric behaviour, by investing heavily in making the customer’s experience unique and pleasurable, you will get increased support – and profits – from an expanding, loyal customer base. Yet many organisations do not make these expectations and links clear to their people who remain operationally focused and ‘disconnected’ from the customers. Through a range of engagement workshops, we help organisations enable and empower every member of the organisation to make decisions on the spot to address client’s issues and needs. This includes ensuring the brand stories, purpose, strategy, sales messaging and value propositions are all centred around the customers success and how their founders and employees helped their customers succeed.

Selling is now a team sport
For the first time everybody in a business, organisation, or community group can affect our organisations’ brands and sales results. We recognise that everybody lives by selling something and that selling is about the principle of exchange – the exchange of ideas, innovations, products, tools, concepts, feelings, money and value. Creating healthy and viable sales cultures in organisations is about encouraging and training everybody in the life skills that underpin sustainable and ethical selling principles and skills so they can forge legitimate business relationships which serve the environment, people, business and communities.

Creating Customer Centric Cultures Engagement Workshops

C-suite and senior management engagement sessions

Targeted to CEOs and sales leaders, these sessions are designed to guide participants to build a customer centric organisation from the top down.

Sales leadership engagement sessions

Align sales leadership goals and actions to ensure all managers have the tools needed to nurture a sustainable customer centric culture.

Sales teams engagement sessions

Using an inquiry based learning approach, your sales team will work together to formulate a culture where customer centricity plays a central role.

Whole of business engagement sessions

Designed to engage people at all levels, these sessions help people understand what good sales and service looks like and how to create a client centric organisation.

Start building a client centric organisation with Barrett

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The Barrett advantage

We bring a well-researched 21st century systems thinking approach to sales that includes a complete selling system. With a solid reputation for helping leaders quickly pivot and transition their sales teams and operations to sell better, we are here to help your business prosper.

Case Study

Selling Better Case Study: How to do it properly

Industry: Banking/Finance/Agribusiness Type: Public

Successfully combined two sales operations that came together due to a business acquisition. The project lead a complete culture and mindset shift across the entire organisation to improve the customer experience and lift sales.

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