International studies report that if Sales Managers are better educated in sales management and coaching, their sales teams achieve higher performance and results.

Why sales coaching matters

Lesson: Sales training without coaching is a cost liability rather than an investment.

Become a Masterful Sales Coach

International studies report that if Sales Managers are better educated in sales management and coaching, their sales teams achieve higher performance and results. There is no more positive correlation found between frequency of sales management development and sales performance. Barrett is dedicated to developing effective sales managers and coaches. Our Sales Coaching Programme gives you everything you need to be an effective sales coach including…

  • Knowledge and skills to apply the 5 Sales Coaching Skills and Sales Essentials Field Coaching Guide
  • How to perform infield coaching, formal /strategic coaching, deal & sales process coaching
  • Reinforcing the sales protocols and skills for observed and unobserved coaching

Effective sales coaching isn’t proclaiming; ‘This is how things should be done!” On the contrary – effective sales coaching guides you to ask the right questions: ‘What do I need to learn? How can I apply these learning’s and do this better?” By exploring and answering questions like these you develop your capacity to set goals, solve problems, create opportunities and fulfill your potential. Sales & Sales Team coaching can effectively encompass the following areas by helping:

  • Set achievable & stretch sales targets individually or as a team
  • Differentiate your team from the competition
  • Develop a clear sales plan & process
  • Understand the need to incorporate new age & social media applications in the sales plan
  • Develop powerful sales prospecting opportunities by breaking through call reluctance issues
  • Build powerful rapport by understanding the client and its influencers
  • Create winning sales communication skills
  • Meet face to face with decision makers
  • Present client benefits & ROI succinctly as a winning opportunity
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Enhance a positive and encouraging sales team environment
  • Understand the synergy between the marketing & sales departments
  • Develop capabilities of new sales executives
  • Close sales, deliver & exceed targets within a quicker time frame

Sales Coaching Focus Areas:



New to Sales Account Manager Sales Executive Business Development Sales Manager/Director
Sales Trends  
Sales Coaching works best when it applied to tangible behaviours, skills, actions and outcomes. No longer do you have to guess about what to look for, what to ask and what to do to develop your sales people. That is why we have developed the Coaching Support Services and Sales Essentials Online and Field Coaching Guide which gives real content to coach to focusing on…
  • Training in Modern Sales Coaching Practices
  • Ongoing coaching support to help you develop as a sales coach and embed your coaching practices.
  • One-on-one sales coaching for sales people, sales managers, sales leaders and non-sales people who need to sell and self promote
  • Coach the Coach Training for Sales Leaders helps educate and train sales directors and managers to coach their teams effectively  achieving outstanding transformation
  • Sales Assessments and Sales Coaching
  • Coaching around the Sales Essential Models & Sales Essentials Transformation Program
  • Sales Behaviours including communication styles, and Sales Call Reluctance ® behaviours
  • Sales Coaching Kits with checklists such as ‘Clues that improvement is needed’, ‘Questions to ask to uncover issues’ and ‘Suggestions for Improvement’ that all documented for Sales Managers taking the guess work out of sales coaching
  • Plus GROW Model, Powerful Coaching Questions, Active Listening Techniques, etc.
Barrett Sales Coaches can work one-on-one with salespeople to help them achieve sales mastery and, managers and leaders to be effective sales coaches and sales leaders. We only specialise in sales making our work focused and outcomes oriented. Sessions can be a mix of …
  • Infield coaching (observations and feedback)
  • Formal /strategic coaching (bigger picture)
  • Deal & sales process coaching (skills and knowledge)
  • Sales management/leadership and sales strategy coaching
  • And anything else that is required

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