As the world responds to contain the COVID-19 disease, we want to make sure that your and our teams stay safe so we are adjusting our commitments and activities in accordance to current regulations.

We also understand that for businesses these are troubling times, but there are ways forward. As they say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. We want to stay by your side and help you assess your situation, whether that be devising a sales strategy in line with the new reality, or helping your staff keep the business going in a feasible and responsible way. At Barrett we are well equipped to do all of these remotely.

Like most other business owners and senior leaders, you are probably already working on the big questions:

  • What are the implications of all the current changes to my business?
  • How can we keep going and doing business?
  • How can we stay in contact and communicate with our clients, and reassure them we’re there for them?
  • How can we stay calm, adapt to the new reality and find great business/sales opportunities
  • How can we keep our sales team focused on what matters and help them stay calm and resilient?
  • How can we deal with difficult or irritated customers during COVID-19, and maintain business with them?

We have already posted several articles that might help (see below), but we can do more to help your business take the right steps to retain your clients, demonstrate consistency and reliability during unique and hard times, and find new and better opportunities.

Using this time to regroup and get ready for business during and post the crisis

How many important but not urgent projects, jobs or tasks have been sitting on your to-do list? If you ever thought about working on your sales strategy, sales market segmentation, sales processes and sales leadership frameworks, or wanted to coach, train and upskill your sales leaders and sales and service teams in key areas but you couldn’t find the time or couldn’t take your people off the road to do it, the time is now.

At Barrett, we’ve been doing remote consulting and sales education and coaching work for several years and it works.

Also State and Federal Governments are encouraging those businesses who can, to use this time to up-skill and train their staff if they are self-isolating. We are well equipped for this with our Remote Selling Better Sales Education programs i.e. Selling Better, Faster using Real Time Sales Education.

We will keep you updated on our “Open for Business” programs and solutions, and welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the most suitable ways for your business to achieve the best possible outcomes while operating under the current constraints.

Businesses have a responsibility to their communities to keep the wheels of commerce turning to the best of their ability. We are all part of an integrated system and we rely on each other. Let’s help each other find ways to see through this crisis and come out the other side better for it.

Remember, everybody lives by selling something.

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