It might seem difficult –and it probably is, like landing a plane on a river– but there are ways to help your business adapt and keep going through COVID-19. With the right business and sales infrastructure, your experience and that of your team, and the right advice, training or up-skilling you can land safely. Luckily, we have more than 208 seconds to get your business ready.

We have remote solutions in place to help you:

  1. Develop your COVID-19 Sales Strategy & Plan: This process provides the best starting place to allow you, senior leaders and your sales team explore and tackle your sales challenges and opportunities giving you clarity on what strategic and tactical moves you need to make, what client messaging needs to be conveyed, how to structure your sales efforts and provide guidance to plan your next steps through the crisis. This process is done in 3 x 2 hour group sessions in quick succession over Zoom.
  2. Find new viable sales market segments and opportunities: Your current target markets might not be in a condition to operate as they used to do – they may be in hibernation or might need time to recover. How do you find the hidden opportunities in your existing market or other viable markets in which to operate, and customers to sell to? These 3 x 2 hour group sessions over Zoom will help you and your sales and marketing teams uncover hidden sales market segments in the supply chain of supply chains.
  3. Customer communication & messaging during COVID-19: The needs of people and businesses have changed as a result of COVID-19. The style, tone and type of communications that your customers need now might be completely different to what your team has been used to conveying. We can coach your sales and service teams to communicate with your customers during the COVID-19 crisis and be alert to new opportunities as the new reality emerges. Besides online training content we also provide remote small group training sessions to practice and implement how to communicate during difficult times. Session setup and duration are planned and scaled according to your team size and needs.
  4. Post Pandemic Scenario Planning: What will the world look like after the pandemic? What will your business and teams look like in the future? What will you be selling to whom and how will you sell? This Scenario Planning Exercise is an excellent way to explore a range of options and get people thinking about ‘What If’ scenarios. Underpinned by a purposefully optimistic approach this helps you and your people plan and pivot your business for what lies ahead. This process is done in 3 x 2 hour remote group sessions plus homework in between.
  5. The emergency sales manager: During this crisis you might need some additional sales management and coaching support to help your sales team with the specific challenges and opportunities that arise during COIVD-19. We can set this up remotely in the most efficient way for you and your team.
  6. Fire brigade sessions: Fast and efficiently deal with immediate issues and opportunities on your marketplace. These are short and succinct remote workshop sessions for you, your leadership and sales and service teams on selected specific topics to cater for your most urgent needs.
  7. Quickly upskill teams to adapt how they sell and service around here now: Quickly up-skill your team with the key skills, tools and capabilities that they need to be in peak condition to sell and service better at this moment. We have short and succinct webinars and remote workshops on selected specific topics to cater for your most urgent training and development needs (e.g. Strategic KAM, difficult client communications, remote in-person selling, customer retention, etc.)
  8. Crises can bring out the best in people: We have two sayings that resonate here ‘It’s all about opportunity’ and ‘There’s no such word as can’t’. A team with a positive ‘can do’ mindset who is open to opportunity will make a real difference to their own wellbeing and resilience, and the business’ bottom line. We can deliver online modules and remote coaching support to train your sales managers and teams on how to adapt and deal with the new sales situation, unearth opportunities, master personal challenges, and keep a healthy ’can do’ mindset.

We are an email or phone call away and we know how to get your business selling better faster. or 03 9533 0000


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