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The rise of Ethical Selling in the new world order: The history of Sales Methodologies, revised & updated


Selling is a hot topic, especially the louder calls for more ethical, fairer, purpose driven business and selling practices. Given the recent findings from the Australian Banking Royal Commission and the emerging new world transparency highlighting various unethical, immoral and unsustainable business and sales practices across the collective value chain, the rise of an Ethical […]

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Some key guidelines for Negotiations in Sales


We are regularly asked by sales managers to provide negotiation skills training for their salespeople. However, after talking with them about their team’s situation and development priorities, it is quite clear, 90% of the time, that their people do not need negotiation skills training, what they really need is consultative solution selling skills training instead. […]

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7 things you need to know about the Craft of Selling

We can agree: Everybody lives by selling something – whether it be ideas, initiatives, visions, products, services or solutions. Selling is ubiquitous – ever present in our daily lives, internally and externally.  Selling is the vehicle that allows opportunity to flourish and people to prosper. Nothing happens until something gets sold. However: As ever present […]

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Don’t die wondering, the real secret to sales success – Part II of II: the person


How many times have we all been tempted to click on a link that offers us ‘the secret of sales success’ only to find a website or article that is promising a silver bullet ‘if only you do this one thing’ which doesn’t help us at all? As I mentioned last week, the business of […]

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Metrics for Measuring Solution Selling

how to measure sales performance

How do we measure sales performance now? As many formally product-focused companies migrate to selling solutions, most overlook one critical component – the way they measure sales performance. Sales people, using a solution-selling approach, generally nurture larger, more complex and lucrative deals; they are engaging in business-level discussions with key executives in prospect companies and […]

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How Retail Discount Advertising negatively impacts B2B Sales – Part II


How to shift the conversation from Price to Value In last week’s post we talked about how –given that every business executive is a consumer, and the amount of discount sales in the retail sector- the expectation of ‘better price’ is impacting B2B sales. We concluded that a more pragmatic approach is needed, based on […]

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2017 Sales Trend 5 – Salespeople at Risk of Becoming Obsolete


This is our Sales Trend 5 from our 12 Sales Trends for 2017 report. The proliferation of internet-based sales channels, that offer everything from simple items such as a toothbrush to some fairly complicated services including insurance, banking and even major items in the B2B sector means that the traditional role of product focused salespeople […]

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Solution versus Product Selling


Today it is almost impossible to meet a product salesperson in the business-to-business sector. Everyone sells ‘solutions’ hoping they can charge a premium or perform some miracle that will instantly differentiate them from their competitors. And management – often ignorant of the subtle differences between selling products or services and selling solutions – become frustrated […]

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How to avoid the discount trap


Do you frequently discount to win business? Does your brand seem to matter less to customers today? It’s no wonder. Customers can do a Google search of your product or service and, within minutes, learn about your product, your competitors, what customers think of you, and find the lowest prices. So, with this kind of […]

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Why I cannot relate to the typical salesperson stereotype and why we need a new one for the 21st century


If you cannot relate to the typical salesperson stereotype you are not alone. Many people we speak to, including many salespeople themselves, have never been able to relate to the fast talking, overly confident and ambitious, competitive, win at all costs, know-it-all, we-are-the-frontline-and-without-us-you-wouldn’t-have-a-job persona that is often portrayed as the ideal salesperson stereotype in the […]

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