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Sales Trend 1: Selling in times of social mistrust


Sales trend 1 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2019 tackles the issue of selling when trust in businesses and institutions is low. While there has never been a better time to be alive with access to wonderful resources and opportunities, amazing innovations, advances in technology and better healthcare, that can encourage the potential […]

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24 years in business and 24 Big Lessons to share


This week marks the 24th anniversary since I founded Barrett and, over the summer break, I had some time to reflect upon myself, my business’ journey and the many, many lessons learned over the last 24 years. We often get our ‘business lessons’ from big corporates about how to do this or that; however, I […]

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The road less travelled – Selling Better


On 9 January, 1995 I took the road less travelled when I chose to start my business dedicated to Selling Better rather than follow the traditional path of Selling More, and that has made all the difference. As a business owner, entrepreneur, and pattern systems thinker amongst other things, it has been a fascinating and […]

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12 things we’ve learned so far about Selling Better in a 21st Century world

My team and I have been studying sales teams, salespeople, sales operating systems, sales strategies, sales processes, and sales cultures across a wide variety of industries in the public and private sectors, N4P and government since 1995 and we have seen and learned a lot of things. Here is some of what we have learned: […]

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Unethical Selling, not Selling, should be on trial at the Banking Royal Commission


With the handing down of the Interim Report from the Banking Royal Commission, Commissioner Hayne was scathing in his assessment of the banking finance sector, especially the big 4 banks and large insurance and investment firms, such as AMP, for enabling their cultures of greed to flourish at the expense of customers’ wellbeing, principled and […]

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4 Questions to Test if your Sales & Prospecting Tactics are Ethical


Do other people stand to gain from your sales tactics and actions? Do your sales tactics and actions have a positive influence on your own and others’ well-being and self-esteem? Do your sales tactics and actions move you and your customer closer to your respective short- and long-term goals? Would most people approve of how […]

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This didn’t happen in my time …


Today it happens it is the same to be decent or a traitor To be an ignorant, wise, a pickpocket, a generous person or a swindler All is the same, nothing is better They are the same, a fool and a professor There are no failing grades or hierarchy, the immoral people have caught up […]

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Why a Fair Exchange of Value goes beyond exchanging money for goods

Fair exchange of value

At its simplest, selling and buying is about a transactional exchange of a service or product for money. For simple, low cost, transactional sales, where we may have little vested interest in the other person or company providing that product, we may not reflect as deeply on our buying interactions with them. However, if we […]

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Trust is the heartbeat of business, sales and society


I have been writing about Trust in sales and business for many years; however, this year has seen a rise in my output on this topic, especially with the fallout from the Banking Royal Commission with posts such as: The Flight to Ethical Selling – how the banks can avoid a royal commission What does […]

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Selling isn’t only for salespeople


Have you ever tried to persuade someone about the merits of a new idea, service or initiative? Most surely you have. Countless times. People do this all the time, since we were born; in our personal, professional and community lives. It is part of being human. So how did your efforts go? Did you get […]

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