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Why you shouldn’t let rudeness lead to the ruination of business and sales


In the midst of the trend and hype of ‘customer centricity’, ‘the customer experience (CX)’, ‘customer excellence’ and other such terms it appears there is something amiss – the rise and rise of rudeness, incivility, disrespectful behaviour, and the trend of behaving badly at work. This is not a new phenomenon; however, it is reaching […]

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Professional Jealousy?


How those who shame others for selling themselves are the biggest losers Let’s begin with a story about an excellent scientist. Someone so passionate and competent about his subject area that he happily and productively spent years studying the topic, getting to know it deeply and how it affects the world; how it is part […]

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The Flight to Ethical Selling – how the banks can avoid a royal commission


Everybody lives by selling something and so it is true for the banks and financial services businesses; however, it seems that too many people in some divisions of some of the banking, financial planning and insurance institutions have confused ethical selling with unethical selling practices. Not all banks and financial institutions, mind you, but enough […]

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It’s time to be taken seriously – no more Harvey Weinsteins please


In October 1983, I found myself in the clinical room of a middle aged medical doctor whom I was meeting for the first time. I was not a patient, I was a 21 year old medical sales representative doing her job. He was a doctor in my sales territory. I was new to professional selling. […]

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Rethinking our economy… How do we sell in a Circular Economy with Doughnut Economics?

achieving doughnut economics

Go out on a limb It’s hard not to notice that we all have quite a bit on our agendas; lots of things competing for our time and attention; too many things that are likely to leave us feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and often confused. People are asking lots of questions, e.g.:  Which way to turn? […]

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Why commission selling in financial services should be banned

calculator commision based selling

Here we are again, talking about unethical and corrupt sales practices in the Financial Services Industry. The Youi fiasco, first reported by Fairfax on 28 August 2016 ‘Does Youi owe you?’, offers one of the worst examples of unethical sales behaviour and bad sales commissions plans I have ever heard of. If the reports by […]

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Why I cannot relate to the typical salesperson stereotype and why we need a new one for the 21st century


If you cannot relate to the typical salesperson stereotype you are not alone. Many people we speak to, including many salespeople themselves, have never been able to relate to the fast talking, overly confident and ambitious, competitive, win at all costs, know-it-all, we-are-the-frontline-and-without-us-you-wouldn’t-have-a-job persona that is often portrayed as the ideal salesperson stereotype in the […]

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Why manners & courtesy are vital for successful selling, businesses & societies


Sometimes, the seemingly trivial daily acts we perform are the most important. Courtesy is but one example. For instance, while driving your car, do you ever want to switch lanes but are prevented from changing by the heavy traffic? How do you feel when someone, recognising your problem, slows down, waves to you and lets […]

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Why cultivating the quality of Discernment leads to better sales outcomes

train-tracks-with-points to show discernment

In this busy, cluttered and complex world the ability to make good judgements is becoming increasingly important. That is why I have been encouraging myself and others to cultivate the quality of Discernment. What is discernment? Discernment is the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure[1]. It comes from from Old […]

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Women in Sales Leadership: advice to my younger self

woman typing note to self

Over 2 days on 5 & 6 April 2016 I had the privilege of chairing the 2016 Women in Sales Leadership Conference in Sydney, Australia. The theme for the event was ‘Advice to my younger self’. We had over 20 senior sales leaders from around Australia presenting to a room full of women in sales […]

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