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Why I cannot relate to the typical salesperson stereotype and why we need a new one for the 21st century


If you cannot relate to the typical salesperson stereotype you are not alone. Many people we speak to, including many salespeople themselves, have never been able to relate to the fast talking, overly confident and ambitious, competitive, win at all costs, know-it-all, we-are-the-frontline-and-without-us-you-wouldn’t-have-a-job persona that is often portrayed as the ideal salesperson stereotype in the […]

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Without a Strategic Sales Force, you are doomed to fail

strategic sales force

A strategic sales force – one driven by a focused sales strategy and robust sales operation framework rather than a panel-beaten corporate / marketing strategy or territory plan for capturing incremental share of spend, is a highly treasured asset. A strategic sales force will deliver better results for the organisation’s customers and as a result, […]

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Lessons for sales teams from an elite sportsman


As part of our team’s regular coaching and development, a couple of weeks ago  Franco Crismann, one of Barrett’s BDMs went to a senior management business event at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) where Brian Lake, former Hawthorn/Western Bulldogs AFL footballer, spoke about maintaining a winning culture at work. Here is Franco’s report and reflections […]

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The difference between Cheap & Frugal Customers & how to deal with them


Today, many clients whether they are B2B (business) or B2C (consumer) are looking to save money. Why? Times are uncertain, markets and demographics are shifting, there is a wide variety of choice, and it’s much easier for buyers to make product comparisons and compare prices. It is said that we are currently under the influence […]

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Women in Sales Leadership: advice to my younger self

woman typing note to self

Over 2 days on 5 & 6 April 2016 I had the privilege of chairing the 2016 Women in Sales Leadership Conference in Sydney, Australia. The theme for the event was ‘Advice to my younger self’. We had over 20 senior sales leaders from around Australia presenting to a room full of women in sales […]

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The 7 differences between Selling, Marketing & Networking


As I have stated before I am a stickler for using correct definitions when describing concepts and their elements. In music, science, mathematics, physics and engineering we do not usually debate the definition of these constructs. We accept that a crotchet is a crotchet, a prime number is a prime number and so on. No […]

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Sales Trend 3 – Selling is everybody’s business


Sales Trend 3 of Barrett’s 12 Sales Trends for 2016 is Selling is everybody’s business. For a long time businesses have been focusing on how to achieve better sales results. Organisations with varying levels of maturity and insight have embarked on many different journeys to get there. Some have been very savvy and have taken […]

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Why everybody benefits from knowing how to prospect

Attract New Customers Business

Every business needs to prospect for new clients and customers, even non salespeople often need to reignite past business relationships and form new ones, internally or externally. You don’t need to be the primary salesperson or business development manager to be required to prospect well. Any call you make to another person whose attention you […]

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How to create a new sales routine that delivers results


We all know that creating a better sales team, better sales culture, better sales leadership and better sales strategy that delivers better sales results does not happen by attending the occasional sales training workshop. Though it doesn’t stop sales leaders from opting for the ‘quick fix’ annual sales workshop to show that they are ‘doing […]

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How to find your competitive edge and compete successfully

Jul 31 2009; Rome Italy; Michael Phelps (USA) competing in quali

Product differentiation is getting harder, Me2 products are flooding the markets, quality is being commoditised, and as a result margins are being squeezed and value is at risk of being shed if we don’t know how to articulate the real value we deliver beyond product and price and demonstrate our competitive edge. With so much […]

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