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David Bowie – a role model for all entrepreneurs


The sad passing of David Bowie this last week has brought a huge wave of emotional outpouring from many parts of the world including myself. I grew up with David Bowie. He has been in my life as long as I can remember. He was, I admit, my most favourite  music star of all. I […]

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Put the polish on your new sales year


I have previously written about ‘putting yourself in another’s shoes’, however, I have never written about actual shoes before. In this post I wanted to raise awareness about our attire, our physical presentation – as sales and business professionals. There are 2 key areas we need to consider: The overall congruence of what we are […]

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On your marks… Get set… GO!


A prosperous life after elite sport is critically important to elite athletes as many of them have dedicated the best part of their lives (some into their 30’s) pursing excellence in their chosen sport often leaving education or business pursuits on the side.  These elite athletes know that achieving excellence in sport requires dedication, determination, […]

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So What Does Being Strategic Really Mean?

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With sales under pressure to perform in a market where differentiation has almost disappeared and so many products and services are becoming ‘commoditised’,leaders and management are looking for an effective alternative. Everywhere you turn these days companies are (or want to be)’strategic‘. The challenge is, many business leaders and their management generally don’t say what […]

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4 rules to best validate yourself with buyers


Ever been asked straight up at the beginning of a prospective client meeting, “So what do you do?” despite your sincere intention to ask questions of your prospective buyer rather than talk about yourself? I bet you have and I bet you found yourself on more than one occasion feeling somewhat uncomfortable because: a) You […]

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Exceptional Prospecting and Social Media

With social networking sites and the plethora of online data available, 2011 presents us with better quality prospecting and more qualified prospects. ‘Prospecting and Social Media’ was voted as the Number 4 Sales Trends for 2011. Business networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo, and the emergence of Facebook and Twitter as business destinations, give […]

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I’m not a sales person but I have to sell. What do I do?

After thousands of hours of study and many years honing technical skills to be a competent professional in your chosen field, it can come as a rude shock that you now need to sell your services and capabilities as well. In today’s busy market, a competent selling capability isn’t a nice-to-have it is an essential […]

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Is Call Reluctance® choking your sales effort?

Whether we are working for a private or public company, a “not for profit” or government institution, all of us are in some way competing for access to a revenue source to fund our existence. How capable people are to take on the responsibility for improving the revenue line of a company is a hot […]

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Getting prospects to talk to you

Do you take time to really think about why you are calling a prospect or a client? Do you reflect on how effective you have been post the call? Making prospecting calls to new prospects and existing clients is still one of the most important sales and business development activities you can do on a […]

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Exceptional Prospectors

“My most important appointment is prospecting and I do it first up every day.” “I qualify all leads I generate and have an approach to handle those that aren’t ready yet.” “People appreciate a professional sales approach and are able to make an informed decision to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because I clearly explain, up […]

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