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The vital life (& sales) skill of Reflection


As I sit at my desk writing this article I am reflecting on the past 4-5 weeks where sitting at my desk and taking time to think, ponder, and reflect on ideas, my team, my work, our strategy, our wellbeing and so on has been few and far between. On one hand I am grateful […]

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Why everybody benefits from knowing when to say ‘NO’

Young businesswoman sitting at the table and saying - No

Seth Godin is a master at providing pithy, sage advice and I couldn’t go past a recent post of his that really spells out the importance of knowing when to say NO. His article made me recall an earlier article I wrote back on 2007 called ‘Learn to say NO’ which focused on standing up […]

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How do we spot new trends, drive innovation and sell better?


Recently, the Australian Prime Minster, Malcolm Turnbull urged and encouraged Australians to be more creative, develop new opportunities and drive innovation to grow our economy and secure a better economic future for us. That’s all well and good but how do we spot new trends, drive innovation, and sell better so as to secure our […]

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Sales managers – how coachable are you?

are you coachable

We read a lot of information and articles about the importance of sales managers being great sales coaches and the impact of coaching on sales results and salespeople’s effectiveness. Like anything, being a great sales coach requires practice, tools, resources and consistent effort. Yes, some sales managers will be naturally inclined to be great coaches […]

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Lessons for Sales from ‘Good to Great’

Good - Better - Best

Jim Collins (author of “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t”) stimulates a thought that many sales managers should be asking themselves right now: “What makes good salespeople great?” At Barrett we work with sales managers and salespeople every day, and recently asked that question of a number of people in […]

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Sales Trend 5 – The New Accountability in Holistic (sales) Learning


Sales Trend 5 of our Sales Trends Report for 2015 is about the new accountability is holistic learning. Learning and Development (L&D) across the board, and especially in sales, has slowly but continuously been changing over the past few years. There are a variety of factors influencing this recent development. The ongoing challenge through these […]

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My one wish for all sales teams is …

Perpetual Learning Environment

My one wish for sales teams is that they are given the opportunity to continue to learn and develop in a dynamic learning environment where learning, reflection and constant iterations in their behaviour and skills are a regular, daily way of life. Those businesses create, what we call at Barrett, a Perpetual Learning Environment (PLE) […]

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The 7 benefits of Online Sales Training

Image of woman using laptop while sitting at her desk. Young african american businesswoman sitting in the office and working on laptop.

Have you ever tried online sales training? Why not try this complimentary Sales Essentials Module – ethics, philosophy and history of selling? Why? Because the world of sales education and training is evolving and online sales training is starting to take hold. Whilst classroom training will always have its place, here are 7 reasons you […]

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How can we control our sales destiny in uncertain times?


Salespeople deal with market ups and downs, political influence, people’s (customers, influencers, internal stakeholders, bosses, etc.) changing mindset and goals, etc. on a daily basis. Sales can be like herding cats on the best of days. These factors and others can cause even the best of salespeople to be concerned because they are mostly outside […]

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How to keep your sales wheels turning


Maintaining momentum in a sales career requires a proactive, disciplined approach. There are many things to consider and put together to achieve an effective selling week and sales year. The onus is on us, the salesperson, to make the most of what we have. However, many sales people unfortunately adopt the approach that it is […]

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