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The new ABC of Sales – Always Be Coaching

ABC always-be-coaching

Many of us may recall the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross that depicts two days in the lives of four real estate salesmen and how they become desperate when the corporate office sends a trainer, Blake, to “motivate” them by announcing that, in one week, all except the top two salesmen will be fired. Blake, […]

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The power of language and intent in Sales & Coaching


For the last 5 weeks I have been working around Australia helping a major client get their sales leadership team ready to roll out their new Sales Strategy and Sales Process, their version of ‘the way we sell around here’. It’s been pretty exciting and extremely well received. Why? The language we are using is […]

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Insights from the 2016 Sales Trends Business Breakfast

the point, albert park, great venue

This week saw Barrett host our third Annual Sales Trends Business Breakfast at The Point, Albert Park in Melbourne.  With the venue overlooking the beautiful Albert Park Lake amidst rowers rowing and the sun rising, 90 senior business and sales leaders joined us to explore this year’s Sales Trends theme of ‘Less is More’ and […]

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Women in Sales Leadership: advice to my younger self

woman typing note to self

Over 2 days on 5 & 6 April 2016 I had the privilege of chairing the 2016 Women in Sales Leadership Conference in Sydney, Australia. The theme for the event was ‘Advice to my younger self’. We had over 20 senior sales leaders from around Australia presenting to a room full of women in sales […]

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Clarity & Purpose – a recap of 2015


This is our last sales blog for 2015,  our first blog for 2016 will be out the week of January 11th. For our clients and the team at Barrett, 2015 has been the year of clarity and purpose with many of our clients being able to put in place sound sales strategies, sales operations frameworks […]

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Lessons for Sales from ‘Good to Great’

Good - Better - Best

Jim Collins (author of “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t”) stimulates a thought that many sales managers should be asking themselves right now: “What makes good salespeople great?” At Barrett we work with sales managers and salespeople every day, and recently asked that question of a number of people in […]

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Cracking the Sales Myth of Hunters & Farmers


Many so called “experts” claim that there are two types of salespeople – Hunters and Farmers. Salespeople, so these experts claim, are either one or the other. Consequently they fit one sales position or another. In our experience, having spent decades working with salespeople at every level in a wide variety of segments, salespeople don’t […]

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Survival of the Adaptive P2: Develop a well-informed sales force


This series of ‘Survival of the Adaptive’ articles will look at the key things we need to do as sales teams to contend with the many changes afoot in our 21st century world and market place. Part 2 is all about developing a well-informed sales force A decade ago, when traditional product-pushing sales were all […]

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Sales Trend 7 – Beyond Sales KPIs


The 2015 Sales Trend 7 – Beyond Sales KPIs see our focus shifting to how we can get closer to the moments of truth and measure sales effectiveness in a complex world. In a nutshell, this trend is showing leadership moving from a deficiency orientation (i.e. performance management when things go wrong) to a competency […]

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Sales Cheerleader or Genuine Sales Coach?

cheerleaders vs coaches

Admit it, we all like a bit of encouragement every now and then. Yes, there are those who want it on a more frequent basis than others but whatever our frequency it’s nice when we have someone cheering us on, someone in our camp who wants to see us succeed. I remember many years ago, […]

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