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Top 13 Sales Issues for businesses in 2014

13 common Sales Problems

As we get close to our celebration of 20 years in business we thought we would share with you the most common and critical sales problems that are affecting sales teams large and small, across all sorts of markets and industries in 2014. Here they are: Businesses not making sales quota overall Not enough salespeople […]

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7 things you can do to immediately improve your sales operations


Sales operations are complex systems with many moving parts. It is a constant juggling act for many sales leaders and business heads. What with: Designing an effective sales strategy , right sizing sales teams , picking the right sales segments to sell to, delivering the right level of sales training, coaching their sales team, dealing […]

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Sales Trend 3: Sales Excellence Managers to find their true role


The third Sales Trend for 2014 is Sales Excellence Managers will find their real role. Historically, organisations employed sales training managers with the mandate of sourcing the best sales training and development materials, or alternatively developing sales training programmes for their organisations. However, the plethora of sales training and the confusion of training methods all […]

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How to give your sales force a competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

Which sales trends will most affect your business? How can you make the most of these changes? How can you steer your sales strategy to deliver sustainable results? How can you give your sales force a competitive advantage? These questions were posed at the inaugural 12 Sales Trends Annual Business Breakfast hosted by Barrett.  Focusing […]

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Are your invisible sales managers losing you sales?


The number one priority for any sales manager is to lead and drive the effective sales performance of their sales team.  The only way a sales manager can achieve this is by being AVAILABLE and RESPONSIVE to his/her sales team.  What does this actually mean in real world terms? This means getting out from behind […]

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How much valuable selling time are you wasting?


When it comes to sales productivity and sales performance many companies are shortchanging themselves and, unfairly blaming their salespeople for poor sales performance results. How can that be? Well too many businesses pay salespeople for business development and then lumber them with non-revenue, non customer oriented activities such as administration, unnecessary internal meetings, service delivery […]

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Leadership in Uncertain Times


In December 2012, like in the previous years, we published the 12 Sales Trends Report for 2013 and released a brief summary of each trend. Throughout the year we will look into each of them a little deeper. This month we are focusing on the Sales Trend “Leadership in uncertain times”. Extreme uncertainty is the […]

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Mastering the Sales Management Essentials


What are the Sales Management Essentials and how do we master them?  Well firstly Sales management and leadership is not about selling! In fact when one examines the role of the modern sales leader it quickly becomes evident that there just isn’t time to sell. Equipping sales leaders to perform the tasks for which they […]

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How do your clients really perceive you?


Perception is reality. So what do your clients really think of you? Would you be happy with how they perceive you? Are they thinking any of the following when they think about you and your company?: ‘I’m so glad I’ve met you; my life/business is better off for knowing you.’or  ‘Oh that guy (gal), yeh […]

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A seismic shift in the way we sell


If you were looking for things to settle down and a return to the good old days of selling in 2012 and beyond think again. We’re never going back. It’s now time to adapt and forge a new path for sellingin your business. Selling is now everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something with […]

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