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2015 Sales Trends Event – How to sell better in a complex world


On Wednesday 6 May we hosted our 2015 Barrett 12 Sales Trends Annual Business Breakfast where many senior business and sales leaders came to hear about and discuss the theme for the event this year, ‘Transparency and the Middle Path’ – How to sell better in a complex world. It was great to see the […]

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Corporate social responsibility at the sales coal face – no more only ‘what’s in it for me’


Imagine our organisations making people feel good because they bought from us; imagine people changing their behaviours for the better because  our organisations showed them how; imagine the kinds of conversations and messages that will happen in our businesses when our people see what their contribution is making to the lives of their customers and […]

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Buyer Beware of Trademark Scams & Scammers


As much as we promote and encourage honourable and effective selling and buying practices it is just as important to keep an eye open for the latest scams and scammers looking for unsuspecting victims. One of the latest scams dogging businesses and business owners is the area of the registered Trademark where business are receiving […]

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Does your sales team or culture need a detox?

Detox Sales Culture

It doesn’t take much to sow the seeds of discontent in business today, and the potential for creating dysfunctional, “toxic” sales teams and culture is much easier than you think. There are so many things that can and do go wrong. We at Barrett have met and worked with a great many sales teams across all sorts […]

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Watch who you let near your mind…again!


In early 2008, as the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) loomed, I wrote ‘Watch who you let near your mind’. This was a timely reminder about the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, looking for the facts for an accurate read on what is happening in the market place so you can make wise decisions. It […]

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A seismic shift in the way we sell


If you were looking for things to settle down and a return to the good old days of selling in 2012 and beyond think again. We’re never going back. It’s now time to adapt and forge a new path for sellingin your business. Selling is now everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something with […]

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Seeing with New Eyes


Joel Barker, a Futurist, has been a favourite thinker of mine for many years. His way of seeing the world with new eyes, his openness to possibility has inspired me to dream and explore the world. In times of unprecedented change we can be forgiven for feeling scared or worried. We can find ourselves looking […]

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It’s Not WHAT You Do But WHY & HOW You Do It

2012 sales trend report rank1

In December 2011 we published The 12 Sales Trends of 2012 and invited readers to vote on what they thought would be the most important trends in sales for this year. ‘It’s not WHAT you do but WHY & HOW you do it’ topped the rankings. It seems that having a Purpose, the WHY, which […]

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How your procurement practices affect your sales and brand

Ethical selling and procurement (purchasing) is now in the spotlight. Harvey Norman’s recent publicity surrounding their supposed sourcing and use of Australian native old growth forest timbers in their Chinese made furniture has drawn light on retail procurement practices. Harvey Norman have been asked by activist groups NGO Markets for Change and to explain […]

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What are your relationships built on?

If you are in business for the long haul then you know the value of building your business relationships on solid foundations. Too many times people have fallen foul of the broken promises and pipe dreams offered by those people whose only intention is to make money at your expense. I can recall a few […]

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