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How to create a positive buying experience

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To attract new clients we need to create a positive buying experience for them. This usually involves a combination of marketing activities and a salesperson in the first instance. To retain clients we need to create another positive buying experience for them, and another and another, and another. This usually involves more than just the […]

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Why everybody benefits from being more ‘Otherish’

Concept Of Balance, Fair Exchange of Value

What does being ‘Otherish’ mean? Adam Grant, in his bestselling book Give and Take, talks about the concept of “otherish” being the opposite of selfish and different from selflessness. “Otherish” people consider both their own interests and the interests of others simultaneously; they are looking for win-win situations, as opposed to selfless people who may […]

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Sales Trend 10 – Oops! I’m in sales


Barrett’s Sales Trend 10 for 2015 is ‘Oops! I’m in sales’. The general stereotypical view of selling and salespeople has remained relatively stable over the past 50 or so years, with the most commonly associated words and concepts being fairly specific (i.e. ‘used car salesman’) and/or negative (i.e. ‘pushy’, ‘sleazy’, ‘dishonest’)[1]. Even by people working […]

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If you’re not selling, you’re supporting someone who is


Last week I wrote about ‘making promises you can keep and keeping the promises you make’ and when the rhetoric and reality do not coincide thus leaving customers disappointed at best and downright cynical and mad at worst. No business is perfect that’s for sure; however, if the intention of the business and its people […]

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2014 Sales Trend 2 – Telesales will have to make dramatic changes

Female Customer Services Agent In Call Centre

The second Sales Trend for 2014  is ‘Telesales will have to make dramatic changes’. In-bound and out-bound telesales and call centre operations have traditionally focused on the uncomplicated sale of easy-to-understand commodities and the service support of relatively simple customer issues. Now, with the increasing demands of more sophisticated buyers they are going to have […]

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The problem with noisy call centres

Call Centre - Corporate Office
** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

If you look up ‘Noisy Call Centres’ on the web you will find a lot of information about the welfare of call centre staff. Often working in open plan office environments side by side, with many people speaking at once, ringing phones, office equipment hum and in some cases loud music in the background, you […]

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Tips for using email and web leads effectively in sales

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Sales can be made in several ways: face-to-face, over the phone, web-based, direct mail or via e-mail.  With the plethora of internet businesses now transacting sales online you’d be forgiven for thinking that you could dispense with sales people all together but in many instances you would be incorrect.  There are very few businesses that […]

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How many clients and sales are you losing out the back door?

Back view of business woman standing toward door. Career opportunity concept

Are you aware that it is six (6) times more expensive to acquire a new client than it is to retain an existing client? Keeping clients onboard and engaged with your business is just as important as your sales team finding new business sales with new and existing clients, however many businesses do not pay […]

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First, people buy the salesperson

Business Deal

Here’s a simple reality… Prospects and customers buy the salesperson first during every sales call – or they don’t buy at all. In any major sale, especially Business-to-Business (B2B) or complex Business-to-Consumer sales, the prospect or customer makes a predictable series of buying decisions that lead to a final purchasing decision. The first and perhaps […]

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Hey Retailers – stop whinging and start caring!

brick vs mortar

Over the past few months there has been a plethora of editorial regarding the decline in retail sales. Amongst other things, an argument being put forward by traditional retailers for these poor sales numbers is the unfair advantage Internet traders have because many don’t have to charge GST for products under $1,000. This, claim the […]

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