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Trust, financial institutions and the markets.

barrett_sales_trends_2019_Trend_2_Trust_ financial_institutions_and_the_markets

Sales Trend 2 of the Barrett 12 Sales Trends Report for 2019 touches on a very timely topic in Australia – trust and the financial sector. By guest author David Robertson, Head of Economic and Market Research, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. 2018 has not been a good year for the stock prices of Australian financial […]

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24 years in business and 24 Big Lessons to share


This week marks the 24th anniversary since I founded Barrett and, over the summer break, I had some time to reflect upon myself, my business’ journey and the many, many lessons learned over the last 24 years. We often get our ‘business lessons’ from big corporates about how to do this or that; however, I […]

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Ignore customer relationships at your peril: The demise of out-of-touch political parties


Even in the advent of big data, the nature of developing genuine customer relationships is generally not understood well enough by most businesses, and is not often on the agenda for thorough examination. This got me thinking about political parties and the nature of their relationships with their party members and the broader communities upon […]

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The road less travelled – Selling Better


On 9 January, 1995 I took the road less travelled when I chose to start my business dedicated to Selling Better rather than follow the traditional path of Selling More, and that has made all the difference. As a business owner, entrepreneur, and pattern systems thinker amongst other things, it has been a fascinating and […]

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Sales Trend 10 – Storytelling, taking sales teams beyond features and benefits


Guest Author: Rishad Sukhia, CEO, Creative Agency Brightlabs, Melbourne, Australia Sales trend 10 from our 12 Sales Trends Report for 2018 is about storytelling. We all grew up hearing and sharing stories through childhood and adulthood – they help us learn, develop and, above all, they entertain and inspire us. Brands today are increasingly incorporating storytelling into […]

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Unethical Selling, not Selling, should be on trial at the Banking Royal Commission


With the handing down of the Interim Report from the Banking Royal Commission, Commissioner Hayne was scathing in his assessment of the banking finance sector, especially the big 4 banks and large insurance and investment firms, such as AMP, for enabling their cultures of greed to flourish at the expense of customers’ wellbeing, principled and […]

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Sales Trend 9 – Personal Branding is a must have asset


Key terms: social media, consistency, engagement, results Guest author: Josh Schmalenbach Sales Trend 9 from our 12 Sales Trends Report for 2018 is about social selling. As technology and the internet have evolved, our access to information has also vastly grown. Never before has it been so easy to find out so much about a […]

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Trust is the heartbeat of business, sales and society


I have been writing about Trust in sales and business for many years; however, this year has seen a rise in my output on this topic, especially with the fallout from the Banking Royal Commission with posts such as: The Flight to Ethical Selling – how the banks can avoid a royal commission What does […]

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What does Selling Better mean for customers and shareholder return?

I have to start with the bad news on this topic. Are any of us surprised by the current revelations stemming from the Australian Banking Royal Commission? Possibly not. Are any of us surprised as to the extent of the unethical and illegal behaviours documented and admissions made by senior management into the systemic corruption […]

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Are your sales conferences pumping or slumping?

*** Trigger Warning: May contain traces of sarcasm *** We’ve all been there: a sea of people, pulled together from across the country or region, locked in a windowless room with artificial light, seated at round tables with mints and water, patiently waiting for the parade of presenters to finish their ‘Death by PowerPoint’ presentations […]

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