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Insights into why I started my own business – Part 1


Recently, I was invited to be a part of the judging panel of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Victoria Young Business Hustler competition 2015. The programme is designed to give young business entrepreneurs the chance to further develop their capabilities and their businesses. As part of this initiative and as an entrepreneur myself, […]

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Getting your sales perspective in 2015

taking perspective

Perspective Taking is a critical life skill that can serve us well no matter what role we are in. Perspective Taking is also a vital sales skill if we want to develop viable relationships with clients, influence people to consider and buy our offerings, grow sales and lead successful sales careers. What is Perspective Taking?Perspective […]

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Does ‘Gratitude’ belong in B2B sales?


I have been thinking about how salespeople and others who are responsible for bringing in new business to their organisations feel when they get heartfelt thanks and feedback from their clients for a job well done. The sort of feedback that actually tells the salesperson that they really made a difference to that client’s situation, […]

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How Selling can be an act of Kindness

hand-shake appriciate the sale

Since I started Barrett in January 1995, I have met thousands and thousands of salespeople and sales leaders and whilst I can tell you many stories about these encounters the one thing I can say is that the motivation driving the vast majority of these sales and service people, and sales leaders is the desire […]

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Sales Psychology – The Theory of Mind


When we interact and work with people (customers, colleagues, managers, friends, family, etc.) it is important to be able to interpret and understand where the other person is coming from – their perspective, especially if we want to continue interacting and working with them in a manner that is beneficial to both parties. Interpreting and […]

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Enthusiasm in Selling


There is a popular fallacy that salespeople are born, not made. Whilst there is some vestige of truth in the statement, it is not for the reasons made so popular – i.e. it’s not that salespeople have the ‘gift of the gab’ but rather because these successful salespeople are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do […]

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Empathy – The New Sales Edge


Late last year we published the 12 Sales Trends Report for 2013 and released a brief summary of each sales trend in December.  Over the year we will delve a little deeper into each sales trend.  To kick off the New Year we will focus on the Sales Trend Empathy. This sales trend is seeing […]

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Sales Lessons out of the mouths of babes


‘Out of the mouths of babes’ is one of those expressions you hear adults utter occasionally.  Often amazed at the remarkable or insightful things children say, I think we do children an injustice by thinking this is an infrequent or rare occurrence.   The many children I have met over the years are very perceptive, smart […]

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On your marks… Get set… GO!


A prosperous life after elite sport is critically important to elite athletes as many of them have dedicated the best part of their lives (some into their 30’s) pursing excellence in their chosen sport often leaving education or business pursuits on the side.  These elite athletes know that achieving excellence in sport requires dedication, determination, […]

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Watch who you let near your mind…again!


In early 2008, as the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) loomed, I wrote ‘Watch who you let near your mind’. This was a timely reminder about the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, looking for the facts for an accurate read on what is happening in the market place so you can make wise decisions. It […]

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