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Signs you are at risk of losing your top sales performers

Dead end .. for everyone?

There they are every day bringing in the deals. They’re always prospecting, meeting clients, networking, making suggestions about how to do things even better and they never discount unnecessarily. Best of all your clients are happy. They’re happy with your offering, happy with your service, happy with the sales support they get and your business […]

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Why leading an examined life is good for sales

Distressed not good for Sales People

‘Leading an examined life’ was voted as the Number 10 of Sales Trends for 2011. For many years you could lead an intuitive sales life because your product was your edge, but not anymore. With products replicated in minutes, the spotlight is well and truly on the specific ingredients of being an effective sales person […]

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The Latest (disturbing) Findings From The World of Sales

Business Deal

For the third year running I recently had the privilege and pleasure of attending, presenting and acting as MC at the CSE11, Asia Pacific’s Premier Sales Leadership Conference – “The New Era of Professional Selling; The Pathway from Supplier to Partner Status”. Over 150 delegates from Australia’s premium companies attended and we heard from some […]

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The Practice of Confusion Marketing

confused woman

I wonder how many people, business owners and consumers alike are experiencing excessive frustration, anxiety or even depression as a result of the Confusion Marketing tactics employed by some businesses? Confusion Marketing is the controversial strategy and practice of deliberately sending confusing marketing material in order to hinder consumers’ comparisons with other similar offers. Many […]

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