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Sales Trend 11 – Sales cycle taking longer (much longer)


Sales Trend 11 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends Report for 2018 explores the sales cycle and looks at the factors that are making it longer. In a B2B environment, the sales cycle is usually defined as the days/ weeks/ months that pass from the first time a salesperson makes contact with a lead to […]

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Sales Leadership – the power of preparedness, curiosity and courage in times of flux


Sales Trend 7 from the Barrett’s 12 Sales Trends Report for 2018 is about leadership, in particular, which characteristics are key for leaders in times of flux. The state of flux we are experiencing, is bringing about a shift in the top key qualities required to be an effective business executive and leader. It’s not […]

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How Sales and Marketing can excel in a world in flux


In this sales trend from the Barrett’s 12 Sales Trends Report for 2018, David Hubbard explains what sales and marketing can do working together to excel at generating revenue. Who’s in flux? The Buyer. They have dramatically changed how they identify, evaluate and purchase solutions over the past 10 years, and they continue to evolve. […]

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Sales Trend 4: Buyer Behaviours, AI & the Future of Sales Roles


Sales Trend 4 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends Report for 2018 is about buyer behaviours and the future of sales roles. According to Gartner Research, by 2020 85% of interactions between businesses will be executed without human interaction. [i] Automation has already diminished the number of people required for blue collar manufacturing roles; however, […]

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Sales Trend 3: Human Centred Selling – designing Empathetic Customer Centric Cultures


Sales Trend 3 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends Report for 2018 is about Human Centred Selling. Bestselling author and business icon Stephen Covey once said: “When you show deep empathy toward others … That’s when you can get more creative in solving problems”. In this hyper connected world it’s easy to gain access to […]

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Sales Trend 1 – The Selling Better Manifesto


Sales Trend 1 of the Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2018 Report is our Selling Better Manifesto. It talks about the Selling Better Movement and it explains why we have started it. We have created The Selling Better Movement with the hope it will help people understand that there’s a better way of doing business. […]

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12 Sales Trends for 2018 – Welcome to the State of Flux

The world, more specifically the human world, is changing and moving at lightning speed, adapting and evolving, and getting more complex by the day, to the point where it is becoming too overwhelming for many. Just when we need to be able to really think about and manage complexity, there is a flight to the […]

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Sales Trend 11 – Sales to Add Value to Procurement, Not Just Follow the Process

Sales Trend 11 from Barrett’s 12 Sales Trends for 2017 Report is about Procurement. Guest author Ben Shute, CEO of Comprara, shares his insights. It was 1999 when De Vincentis and Rackham (of SPIN Selling fame) wrote ‘Rethinking the Sales Force’, a book describing how the rise and rise of procurement challenged sales professionals about […]

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Sales Trend 10 for 2017 – Personal Branding – The Foundation of Social Selling


Sales Trend 10 from Barrett’s 12 Sales trends Report for 2017 is about the relation between personal branding and social selling. It is an interesting fact that the ‘extraordinary’ of yesterday becomes the ‘ordinary’ of today. Have you noticed that the most extraordinary salespeople of 5 years ago are often the ordinary salespeople today—or gone. […]

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Sales Trend 9 – Learning Agility


Sales trend 9 from our 12 Sales Trends Report for 2017 explores how salespeople can navigate the difficult situation of being in a complex sales environment and the need to simplify things for their clients. Salespeople traditionally find themselves in conflicting spaces. A classic situation is the challenge to bring the diverging interests of clients […]

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