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How to find more sales growth


Many companies in B2B sales are looking for more growth in their respective market segments; however, their sales and business leaders are still looking at their markets as whole segments rather than seeing and seizing the lucrative opportunities that micro segmentation can bring. Without effective micro-segmentation, businesses risk missing niche or unique opportunities and/or needlessly […]

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The Power of a Value Proposition

value propositions

Many businesses and their sales teams are finding that they -or more importantly what they offer- are being lumped into the same basket as their competitors with customers perceiving little difference between each supplier in their respective categories. Often researching online, customers trawl through website after website comparing the latest offerings, making up their own […]

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20 years of improving sales teams & operations. What’s changed?


The 9th January 2015 marks 20 years in business for Barrett Consulting Group. Twenty years of helping companies, sales leaders and their salespeople improve their sales operations and their sales capabilities. Twenty years of helping salespeople and buyers have better, more mutually rewarding experiences, setting a fairer exchange of value. As I moved toward this […]

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The legitimisation of Sales Strategy

sales strategy

The 10th Sales Trend for 2014 is ‘The Legitimisation of Sales Strategy’ Having a sales strategy is now of vital importance to the survival, growth and profitability of any organisation. Yet Sales Strategy, as a business discipline, has been poorly understood by sales managers and executive leadership teams alike, and rarely, if ever, executed well […]

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What does a successful sales team & culture look like?


Creating a viable, healthy, fit, and robust sales team and supporting culture takes effort, consistent effort. It doesn’t happen by chance. We have to be able to hold in our grasp –our thinking, our frame of reference– several aspects including purpose, strategy, performance standards, people, competition, change, technology, and of course, all of the variables […]

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How to link your Business Strategy to Sales Strategy


For too long now sales has lived in the shadow of corporate and marketing strategies, but these tend to provide limited direction. They are usually too broad and generalised or too narrow, only focused on financial results. That makes them of little tangible value in the pragmatic world doing business. That being said Selling is […]

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Sales Trend 5 – The move to Micro Sales Segmentation

micro sales segmentation

Since 2009 we have been publishing our Annual 12 Sales Trends reports. It has been very interesting to see the speed at which these trends are taking hold and becoming the new normal in business. Here is the fifth Sales Trend for 2014 – The Move to Micro Sales Segmentation. In 2014 sales teams are […]

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What we cannot control in sales


Last week we talked about what we can control and influence in sales, especially in uncertain times.  This week is looking at what we cannot control in sales and how to learn to live with it.  What (and who) we cannot control Let’s face it, we operate in a complex world where many things are […]

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How to give your sales force a competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

Which sales trends will most affect your business? How can you make the most of these changes? How can you steer your sales strategy to deliver sustainable results? How can you give your sales force a competitive advantage? These questions were posed at the inaugural 12 Sales Trends Annual Business Breakfast hosted by Barrett.  Focusing […]

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