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Lessons for Sales from ‘Good to Great’


Jim Collins (author of “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t”) stimulates a thought that many sales managers should be asking themselves right now: “What makes good salespeople great?” At Barrett we work with sales managers and salespeople every day, and recently asked that question of a number of people in […]

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Why using Sales Intelligence helps you close more sales

Business Sales Intelligence

Whilst many salespeople complain of their frustrations with getting an initial appointment with new prospects, it’s the next step – converting these initial buyer-seller conversations into a presentation opportunity – that should be more of a concern. Research from CSO Insights shows an alarming erosion in the ability to move a sale from an initial […]

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Sales Reporting – Why Bother?


Recently, I met a very impressive young Sales Manager. Let’s call him Sam. Sam knew his sales stuff. He knew what to look for when it came to accurate reporting of sales data. Nothing too complicated. He was conscious of focussing on the key measures and not overloading his sales team with too much reporting […]

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How buying patterns have changed


Salespeople everywhere are faced with demands to meet increasingly high quotas in the face of growing market complexity and relentless financial pressure. There is also more competitors with Me2 products –just as good as brand names–, and an increased pressure on margins with buyers reluctant to make early commitments. Salespeople are facing demands like they […]

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What if we sell better instead of only selling more?

selling better instead of selling more

What if we aimed to sell better instead of focusing on only selling more? At risk of giving every sales manager and business leader a coronary with this question, especially if we are running behind on our sales targets, I would like us to consider the following proposition. ‘Strive not to be the best company […]

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Top 13 Sales Issues for businesses in 2014

13 common Sales Problems

As we get close to our celebration of 20 years in business we thought we would share with you the most common and critical sales problems that are affecting sales teams large and small, across all sorts of markets and industries in 2014. Here they are: Businesses not making sales quota overall Not enough salespeople […]

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What does a successful sales team & culture look like?


Creating a viable, healthy, fit, and robust sales team and supporting culture takes effort, consistent effort. It doesn’t happen by chance. We have to be able to hold in our grasp –our thinking, our frame of reference– several aspects including purpose, strategy, performance standards, people, competition, change, technology, and of course, all of the variables […]

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5 things you can do to improve your sales results now

5 things you can do to improve your sales results now

Yes, the world of business and especially B2B selling is getting more complex every day. Buyers’ decision making processes, especially on larger deals, are taking longer, up to 20% longer than 5 years ago. And the decision making process usually involves a range of people not just one key decision maker. Making a good sale […]

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How to avoid the 7 deadly sins of selling


The first objective of effective sales training and coaching is to help us, salespeople, become aware of any bad habits we may have developed over time. The next objective is to admit that these bad sales habits are deterrents to our success. By breaking these bad habits down and see them for what they are […]

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How to build a High Performance Sales Unit


How does one go about building a high performance sales unit? What does a high performance sales person actually look like? What needs to be in place for high performance sales to flourish? These and other questions are on the minds of many sales leaders, and if they are not they should be. They are […]

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