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How to avoid the 7 deadly sins of selling


The first objective of effective sales training and coaching is to help us, salespeople, become aware of any bad habits we may have developed over time. The next objective is to admit that these bad sales habits are deterrents to our success. By breaking these bad habits down and see them for what they are […]

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How to build a High Performance Sales Unit


How does one go about building a high performance sales unit? What does a high performance sales person actually look like? What needs to be in place for high performance sales to flourish? These and other questions are on the minds of many sales leaders, and if they are not they should be. They are […]

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Why ‘Point Solutions’ ruin sales operations


What is a Point Solution? A point solution solves one particular problem without regard to related issues. Point solutions are usually called for when there is a need to fix a specific problem or fast-track the implementation of a new service. Unfortunately, point solutions often don’t deliver meaningful or sustainable results. The sales training/consulting industry […]

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Why managing sales inputs leads to sales disaster


‘Selling is a numbers game’ has been said more times than any of us care to remember.  And yes, numbers are critical to sales, however some organisations place far too much emphasis on the managing the numbers, especially their obsession with their salespeople’s input activities – i.e. number for prospecting (cold) calls, client meetings, numbers […]

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Customers are in control of the buying process


In December 2012, we published the 12 Sales Trends Report for 2013 and released a brief summary of each trend. This month we are focusing on the Sales Trend “Customers in control of the buying process”. It is good practice for salespeople to control the sales process. At least that is the conventional wisdom driving the way […]

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Questions deliver answers. What questions deliver sales?


It is well known that questions deliver answers.  The real question in sales is ‘What questions deliver sales results?’  Asking questions and listening are at the heart of any effective selling situation.  Questioning and listening are critical; without them you have salespeople conducting monologues to an audience of bored, disengaged, frustrated customers.  Any self-respecting sales […]

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Are your invisible sales managers losing you sales?


The number one priority for any sales manager is to lead and drive the effective sales performance of their sales team.  The only way a sales manager can achieve this is by being AVAILABLE and RESPONSIVE to his/her sales team.  What does this actually mean in real world terms? This means getting out from behind […]

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Hot bath turned cold – ditch the Rah Rah


Have you ever heard the expression “Hot bath turned cold’? Perhaps not, however if you have been involved in the sales training industry or sales management it is a term that is synonymous with the quick, sheep dip, Rah Rah motivational sessions that business leaders and sales managers run for their sales people in the […]

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Are you wasting valuable selling time?


When we employ salespeople we expect somehow that they will be selling nearly 100% of the time, however the truth is most salespeople are lucky if they get to sell 40% of the time. What we mean by this is that many salespeople spend more time in administrative non selling duties and travel than actually […]

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Customer Satisfaction & Retention Booster


It is five to ten times easier to keep a customer we have than to get a new one – so taking customer satisfaction and retention seriously should be serious business. We already have the most powerful marketing tool to boost customer satisfaction and increase customer retention, as well as improve employee morale and develop […]

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