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Getting your sales perspective in 2015

taking perspective

Perspective Taking is a critical life skill that can serve us well no matter what role we are in. Perspective Taking is also a vital sales skill if we want to develop viable relationships with clients, influence people to consider and buy our offerings, grow sales and lead successful sales careers. What is Perspective Taking?Perspective […]

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Put the polish on your new sales year


I have previously written about ‘putting yourself in another’s shoes’, however, I have never written about actual shoes before. In this post I wanted to raise awareness about our attire, our physical presentation – as sales and business professionals. There are 2 key areas we need to consider: The overall congruence of what we are […]

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Curiosity – A Foundation to Sale Mastery


Let’s start with a question: What is the most important quality of highly successful salespeople? This question is often on the mind of anyone looking to sell well. There is much speculation about what this elusive quality actually is.  The truth is that there are many traits that make for highly successful salespeople , but […]

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Writing, brain research and being a better salesperson


How does the act of writing affect your brain?* This is an interesting question that Rebecca Accadia, Barrett’s resident Organisational Psychologist, posed to us when she presented some research and facts she found on brain science thanks to Benjamin Starr. As highlighted in a previous post, Take Note, we emphasized the importance of taking notes […]

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Are you paying salespeople enough to sell well?


Are you paying your salespeople enough to enable them to focus on selling and not worry about where their next paycheck is coming from?  Because if salespeople are constantly worrying about when they are going to get paid, how can they sell well? For many years, unlike most other salaried employees who can rely on […]

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Empathy – The New Sales Edge


Late last year we published the 12 Sales Trends Report for 2013 and released a brief summary of each sales trend in December.  Over the year we will delve a little deeper into each sales trend.  To kick off the New Year we will focus on the Sales Trend Empathy. This sales trend is seeing […]

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The Sales Brain – using neuroscience to sell


The science is clear, our success resides in how we use our brains – our brains can continue to learn, grow and adapt until the day we die. In 2012 and beyond we are seeing neuroscience and neuropsychology become the topics du jour for sales teams.  Learning how to train and in many instances, retrain […]

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Watch who you let near your mind…again!


In early 2008, as the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) loomed, I wrote ‘Watch who you let near your mind’. This was a timely reminder about the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, looking for the facts for an accurate read on what is happening in the market place so you can make wise decisions. It […]

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What’s influencing your customers’ buying decisions?

shopping cart with question mark

Product demand and brand scores are down and the reasons are tough to manage. There are a multitude of factors influencing buyers, some are within our control and many are not. Factors such as bad experiences with retailers and intermediaries, mediocre service levels, the increasing number of competitors with similar products and brands, cheaper pricing […]

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How Meditation Can Make You a Better Salesperson

pebbles in the ocean

In this increasingly complex world emotions such as empathy, compassion and benevolence are emerging as critical qualities of highly successful people, teams, companies and communities. Even in the highly competitive world of business and selling, those sales people and leaders who are able to incorporate these qualities into their daily work and personal lives are […]

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