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Collaboration Software – The New Sharing

collaboration software

‘The New Sharing’ was voted as the Number 11 Sales Trends for 2011. Just think, it was a milestone to have a shared calendar! Well, think again. We’ve come a long way. Look out for new collaboration software tools; people within companies are better sharing information, connecting, communicating and collaborating in secure online environments. Because […]

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Breast Ain’t Best: Why Sex & Selling Don’t Mix

book that looks like a bosom

‘Sex’ as a consumer marketing and sales strategy infiltrates our daily lives via advertising, celebrity endorsements, tabloids, publications and various other means and has done so for as long as we can remember. Using images of women (more recently men) in a variety of formats is supposed to entice prospective buyers (adults) and sell products […]

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Why B2B Buying Decisions Are Taking Longer Than Ever

Dali Clock and The Scream

Are companies taking longer to make buying decisions or does it come down to impatience on the part of the B2B sales person, in a hurry to reach their sales targets? It seems nowadays buying decisions are taking longer to make than in previous years. This slow purchasing process isn’t just happening at the enterprise […]

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Learning how to ride the Boom AND Bust economy

boom AND bust

These turbulent, challenging and sometimes volatile times we find ourselves living in are making many of us rethink how we do business, how we live our lives and how we engage with the world. Unless you are hiding under the doona, the rest of us are witnessing and experiencing a major transition from the Industrial […]

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