Helping people and businesses sell better

Getting it right when it comes to hiring your people is critical. The right people will not only enable your organisation to ride out economic uncertainties but will ensure you are ready to seize the opportunities that present during the recovery. We all know the catastrophic impact a poor performing sales professional can have on an organisation:
  • Erosion of brand and reputation
  • Lost clients, staff retention issues, and lost productivity
  • Diminished hard-earned competitive advantage
  • Disruption of high-performing teams
  • Ultimately reduced bottom line through lost sales
The right psychometric assessments are a great asset to any Recruitment or Selection process however they should never be used in isolation, instead they are best used in concert with other validated selection tools such as structured behavioural interviews, competency based simulation exercises or role plays , culture & values Interview, and structured reference checks where findings can be cross referenced against core criteria that have been established as relevant to the job and culture in question.

Benefits of using Assessments in Recruitment and Selection
  • Make better informed recruitment decisions about candidates
  • Minimise time managing poor performance
  • Better target your development investment
  • Reduce all risks associated with poor performers

For addition recruitment resources go to:
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  3. Behavioural Interview Questions
  4. Sales Competency Dictionary
  5. Simulations & Role Plays
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