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4 Questions to Test if your Sales & Prospecting Tactics are Ethical


Do other people stand to gain from your sales tactics and actions? Do your sales tactics and actions have a positive influence on your own and others’ well-being and self-esteem? Do your sales tactics and actions move you and your customer closer to your respective short- and long-term goals? Would most people approve of how […]

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Back to sales basics


I like to keep on top of what is current, what is emerging, and what is still an idea. This is why I make time each week to do research as it helps me navigate my way around the present and into the future. However, I am finding there is so much to read, so […]

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Don’t die wondering, the real secret to sales success – Part II of II: the person


How many times have we all been tempted to click on a link that offers us ‘the secret of sales success’ only to find a website or article that is promising a silver bullet ‘if only you do this one thing’ which doesn’t help us at all? As I mentioned last week, the business of […]

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Hone your targeting skills to win more sales


Investing quality time with prospects delivers better margins and displaces your competitors. One of the time-tested methods for surviving a tough or slow economy is to home in on prospects who match the profile of your most successful customers. This may sound like Sales 101 but it’s worth your attention right now because when times […]

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If you complain about price being a barrier, wear a bicycle helmet

price barrier wear a helmet

Salespeople who complain about price as a barrier need to wear bicycle helmets. As a salesperson, the next time you feel you are losing deals because of price, take your prospect to a cycle shop and ask them if they were to ride a bike, which one of the helmets they would buy – the […]

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How to reach prospects and keep the door open

So how do we reach  prospects and keep the door open? While everyone is trying to go big – go small and use innovation to capture share of mind. Imagine you are at home opening your mail and you find an unsolicited brochure about some product or other. What do you do? Chances are you […]

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Why online prospecting is often lazy and very annoying


This week’s article comes off the back of last week’s topic ‘ Getting prospects to talk to you’. It will take a different approach. I have documented the conversation John Smibert and I had in relation to online prospecting. Here it is. Enjoy. John: “…I was thinking that subject to the particular company, products and industry […]

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Getting prospects to talk to you


Do you take time to really think about why you are calling a prospect or a client?  Do you reflect on how effective you have been post the call? Making prospecting calls to new prospects and existing clients is still one of the most important sales and business development activities you can do on a […]

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What’s the right Sales Conversion Ratio for my sales team?

At Barrett, we get asked a lot about what is the right sales conversion ratio for sales teams. And our answer is to offer more questions such as:  Are the market(s) you are targeting in growth, mature, decline, or saturation mode? What value propositions are you taking to market to your prospective clients in terms […]

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