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Sales Trend 2 – The case for long-term focus


Sales Trend 2 of the Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2018 Report is the case for long-term focus and strategy. It’s no news that most businesses are focused on the short-term, living from quarter to quarter, and that although there’s ongoing argument about whether there’s enough evidence or not to say that long-term businesses perform […]

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Sales Trend 1 – The Selling Better Manifesto


Sales Trend 1 of the Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2018 Report is our Selling Better Manifesto. It talks about the Selling Better Movement and it explains why we have started it. We have created The Selling Better Movement with the hope it will help people understand that there’s a better way of doing business. […]

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Rethinking our economy… How do we sell in a Circular Economy with Doughnut Economics?

achieving doughnut economics

Go out on a limb It’s hard not to notice that we all have quite a bit on our agendas; lots of things competing for our time and attention; too many things that are likely to leave us feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and often confused. People are asking lots of questions, e.g.:  Which way to turn? […]

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Sales Trend 9 – Back to the Village

Barrett’s Sales Trend 9 for 2015 is ‘Back to the village’. As globalisation became more and more prominent, Australian consumers in turn, became excited about being able to purchase items from all over the world. Suddenly they were exposed to a wider variety and range of products than ever before, and could boast about owning […]

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Insights into why I started my own business – Part 2

As mentioned in the article from last week I was invited to be part of the judging panel of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Victoria Young Business Hustler competition 2015. The programme is designed to give young business entrepreneurs the chance to further develop their capabilities and their businesses. Here is Part 2 […]

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Sales Trend 4 – Doing Meaningful Business


The Sales Trend # 4 of the 12 Sales Trends for 2015 is ‘Doing Meaningful Business’. Here’s a summary of the trend. Over the years companies have become very focused on only creating value for their shareholders (and by value we mean dividends). This extreme focus has meant that making a profit, too often took […]

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What if we sell better instead of only selling more?

What if we aimed to sell better instead of focusing on only selling more? At risk of giving every sales manager and business leader a coronary with this question, especially if we are running behind on our sales targets, I would like us to consider the following proposition. ‘Strive not to be the best company […]

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